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Vacation Crafting

Bike & Balloons

I made a bunch of cards while I was on vacation at Sea Ranch.  I got this idea on Pinterest and will make more of these.  A piece of map for the background stamped with a cute bicycle plus some paper balloons on pop-up foam dots.

Pretty old calendars from Paper Source gave me lots of great card-making material – I used pages from 2012 and 2013 calendars.

Small, sparkly Starform stickers embellish the seeds and serve as Dianne Dots here.  I left my little hole punch at home (I was trying not to bring everything under the sun).

Strawberry card

Washi tape pennants and a flower cut out from another printed paper finish this card.

Big Flowers Card

The bird page in the calendar has several more birds so I have more cards I can make from that one.  A few foam pop-up dots lift the bird, leaves and branch off the background.

Bird Card

I love this peacock feather graphic.  I just added some glitter.


For this purple card, I found the pretty, large flower  left from a set embellishments.  Behind the flower, I used a photo of crackle-glazed tile cut out from a magazine.  A little purple washi tape finished the card.

Purple Flower

A shopping outing over the long President’s Day weekend included a stop at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley.  I used some of the pretty paper in these cards.

For this card I used orange-striped washi tape to highlight the greeting.

Blue, White, Orange card

This big pink flower is cut out from a magazine.  I glued the picture to card stock before cutting it out to make it sturdier and so it wouldn’t allow the layers of paper under it to show through and make crease lines.

Big Pink Flower card

A collaged tag is embellishment for this pretty flowered card.

Pink and turquoise floral card

It doesn’t show well in the photo, but on the card below, I cut the central flower and leaves from another scrap where the design repeated. I put them on foam dots and added some of the glittery Starform stickers.  These add have a jewel-like effect but lie flat on the card.  Although I love how self-adhesive jewels look for bling on a card, they aren’t the best for mailing and can poke through an envelope.

Flowers with black

I also did a few pages in my Art Journal.

I cut out the fabulous circle of people from a New Yorker and have been wanting to use it.  It was illustrating a story called “Thirteen Wives” by Steven Millhauser. The illustration is by Balint Zsako.

Thirteen Wives

When I found the rainbow circle quilt picture in O, the Oprah Magazine, I thought I could use the two illustrations together.

Quilted Circle

Marigold Indigo

A shopping bag from Dianne’s Estate Jewelry in Healdsburg is part of the collage on the other spread I completed on my birthday, “Dianne’s Creative Happy Life.”  A rainbow arches over the top of the page and music on washi tape embellishes it.

Dianne's Creative Happy Life

Close up Dianne's

The word CREATIVE is from an advertising brochure for printing and paper. I used bits from dictionary pages, greeting cards and magazines.

Diana definition

Things I love, including my wonderful Rem, crafting, picnics and chocolate, all found a place in this page.




I included “happy birthday” and “54″ since it was made on my birthday.

I hope to spend more time art journaling soon.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Valentine’s Day Wrap-Up

Vintage Valenine Tag

Valentine’s Day 2014 has come and gone but I’m still feelin’ the love.

As you may recall, I participated in a Handmade Valentine Card swap from my friend Carson’s blog, Pine & Plum. Here are cards I received from the swap, plus a few other sweet missives I was lucky enough to get.  The cute vintage style tag at the top of the post was used for a note with one of the swap cards.  It was fun doing the swap and seeing all the creative cards.

2014 Swap Cards

My friend Shook gave me a beautiful pair of Valentine collages that she made:

Shook's Collages

I made her a green Valentine (look here for the post with the picture from her green Valentine last year) because she loves green.

Green Valentine

Rem and I exchanged cards.  He did paper strip hearts on the one he made for me (and he didn’t even look at my blog post with the instructions!)

Our Cards

Last weekend I brought a bunch of crafting supplies over to my sister Kathleen’s house so her little sister Ariel could work on a batch of Valentine’s.  We’ve been doing this for quite a few years now and I’m always glad when she still wants to do it.

Valentines with Ariel 2.14

Someone else wanted to see what we were doing. Kathleen’s cat, Xander, was cranky because it was raining out and he wanted to go outside but didn’t like getting wet.

Xander Looking

He decided he wanted up to be up on the table where we were crafting.

Xander  on the table

I didn’t find time to write posts for some of the projects I made, so I have to be content that I have more to share with you when Valentine’s Day rolls around again.

Rem and I usually exchange a project that we create and over the years we have accumulated quite a little gallery of Art from the Heart items.  This year I suggested we work on one together.  I’d seen something I wanted to try (yes, on Pinterest, of course) and so we did it together.

Light of My Life

It was fun working on this together (you can find the DIY here on Design Sponge) and we’re both happy with the result.

Art Projects Gallery

Here it is on the wall with some of the other projects from over the years.

Thank you for the visit. ♥


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Tag Tree Christmas Cards

Christmas Tree Card

I made a little batch of Christmas cards this morning, and I like how they turned out.

First I sketched a simple Christmas tree shape on a shipping tag and cut it out.

Shipping Tag and Tree Tag

I saved the tree shape to use as a template.  I covered other tags in a collage of bits of paper, postage stamps, paint swatches and washi tape, using a penciled rough outline of the tree shape as a guide.

Collaged Tags before trimming

Next I used the original tree-shaped tag and traced it on the back of each of these tags and cut them out.

Trace tree shape

Trimming Tree Shape

I made some tiny tags to add to my Christmas trees.  I have a rubber stamp with a tag shape  but you could also draw it.

These are stamped onto a dictionary page that I’d glued to a scrap of card stock for sturdiness.

Making Mini Tags

After stamping the tag shape, I stamped a heart on each one, then cut out all the little tags and punched a little hole in each one.

Tiny Tags

Using foam dots, I adhered the tiny tags to the larger, tree-shaped tags and added a bit of baker’s twine.  I mounted the trees onto folded red cards with more foam dots.

Here’s a few of the finished card fronts.

6 Tag Trees

5 cent tag

I still need to stamp a greeting inside each card, but I’m pleased with my progress.

I worked on a few other creative endeavors this weekend but both of those project are gifts, so I’m not ready to share them here. Yet.

Thanks for visiting.


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White Out



Here is one of my “White Out” collages – one of the Project Prompts in The Collage Workbook.  Using different shades of white paper (old book pages, tissue paper, heavy watercolor paper, junk mail, vellum, paper towel, old sheet music, etc.) I created 4 collages.

First I gathered my paper.

Paper for White Out collages

Then I started tearing, gluing, arranging and rearranging my layers until I was pleased with the results.

4 White Out collages



Section 6.9

Section 6.9



I really enjoyed doing these, more than I expected to because I’m so drawn to color.  But I liked working with the different textures and more subtle gradations of cream, off-white, aged yellowed-white and white.  The creases, perforations and printing or stamping on the reverse that can be seen through the paper made it interesting.

Thank you for coming to see what I’m working on.


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The Collage Workbook: 5-Minute Collages

Six 5-Minute Collages

My friend Shook has been trying out collage as an art form, something she’s wanted to do for a long time.  I encouraged her and have enjoyed seeing her progress. As a thank you for the support, she gave me The Collage Workbook, a wonderful book by A Collage A Day artist, Randel Plowman.

The Collage Workbook

I’d already borrowed her copy and thumbed through it, and now I have my own book!  As the subtitle says, it shows you “How to get started and stay inspired.”

My long weekend stretched to include today (yay!) and I opened the book to the first of 50 “Project Prompts” which was to do 5 collages in 5 minutes each.  First you pull out images  that catch your eye from magazines as well as other bits and pieces of paper, then, when you’ve got the items trimmed and ready to paste, you set the timer and off you go.

5-Minute Collages

I confess that I didn’t stop when the timer rang, but managed to finish up within 15 to 20 seconds.  On one I was done before the 5 minute mark.

Here’s what I made:

Sugared Lime

Sugared Lime started with a scrap of a magazine page showing a giant leaf.  I like how the veins of the leaf echo the roads on the small pieces of maps.  The bits of map easily led to the bus schedule and a little seedling as a focal point.

The next one, Snap Fastners, includes a little bit of wrapping paper printed with a design from an old kimono, polka dot paper and printed vellum.

Snap Fasteners

For each small collage I had a pile of paper; pieces pulled from magazines, envelope liners, pages from old textbooks, and other ephemera.  I had more than I needed but I wanted to have enough material when the clock started ticking.

Pink and orange polka dot paper and molecules from a chemistry book are in Come! which includes a sketch of two different hand gestures, both with the same meaning.


Blue sky, blue water and a blue-patterned security envelope liner, layered with a piece of page from a dictionary and a swan are all components of A Stitch in Time.

A Stitch in Time

Purple/Bird has a blank sales receipt, scraps of purple craft paper and a bird printed on vellum.  It’s really just some purple plus a bird.


The last collage I completed today, Tweed, one more than the project prompt suggested, started with the black and white image cut from an ad, of a model dressed in tweed.  I picked bits and pieces of old paper in shares of grey for the background, including some math problems from an instructors math textbook, a bit of a page from a guide for farmer’s, and some nice stripes and dots.


A big thank you to Shook for this generous gift which I know will guide, encourage and challenge me. I look forward to more collage projects very soon.

And always, thank you for stopping by.

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Crafting on the Road

No, I don’t paint while driving but I did bring craft supplies on our Yosemite/Gold Country vacation.  We didn’t have the whole trip planned out and I find crafting very relaxing, so I wanted to be prepared to get creative if the opportunity came up.

Emporium Jamestown

One afternoon we strolled through Jamestown and I found a few interesting bits of paper ephemera for sale, items that were originally meant to be discarded, like tickets or menus, but have become collectibles.

I picked up a small Farmer Memo Book from 1958 with charts on seeds and planting, and helpful information on things like tractor work calculation and gestation periods for farm animals.Rusty Rooster

I bought an April, 1938 local bus schedule for Iowa and Illinois, an order book from Rosa Baking Company circa 1937 and a one-inch map of South East London published in 1946 that has “Jim’s” written on it. I also purchased a few postcards and picked up brochures of places we were visiting.

One afternoon I asked Rem if he’d mind a break from sightseeing and he was very accommodating to my desire for craft time.  He watched a movie while I spread my supplies out in the dining room of the Sonora Inn and put together these two Art Journal pages.

Yosemite Art Journal Page

A shuttle map, a postcard and a photo from a local travel magazine filled the pages for this Yosemite spread.  I covered a little tag and added a bird sticker and some color.

For this Sonora spread, I used a Little Red Church picture from a brochure, and other bits and pieces to pick up the red color including craft paper and washi tape that I brought along.

Sonora Art Journal Page

Business cards, labels and brochures bring back memories from our relaxing and scenic trip.

After we returned home, my mom requested a card and I used some of the ephemera I’d picked up in Jamestown for this tag card.

Ephemera Tag Card

The low-key afternoon of crafting was a chance to sort through my old and new supplies and create something that included pieces picked up along the way.  It was also a nice change-of-pace from walking around and exploring Sonora and the area and some time alone.  This combination of being on vacation, a relaxed schedule and a few creative hours with paper and glue made me feel a peaceful happiness.  What more could I ask for?

Thanks for your visit.


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Quirky Art Journal Collage

Man on Egg

I made this collage in my Art Journal the other day.  I’ve been collecting images to use in crafting projects and I decided I needed to get beyond the gathering stage and move on to the creation stage.

This man looked so serious sitting there.  I wanted to include him, so I looked through my pictures to find something for him to sit on.  A giant egg seemed like just the thing.

Serious Man...with wings

What a face!  Since he’s sitting on an egg (or two), I figured, why not give him some wings, right?

I gathered some other bits for a background.  A color swatch.  Part of a map, a piece of dictionary page.  A little bit of an Asian newspaper ad.  A piece of a page from a Chemistry textbook.


I like the turquoise color with the eggs. I’ve seen some eggs that are a soft blue-green color.

I think sitting at my craft desk with my supplies and putting this together was as satisfying as the finished page.  Maybe more so.

An Open Book

I showed Rem and he said he didn’t understand it.  I don’t either.  I mean, I don’t really know what I was trying to say.  I just started putting it together.  And stopped when it seemed done.

Thanks for your visit today!  Come back again.


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Latest Art Journal Pages

Sound Bite

I was so glad to have the day off today.  A tenacious summer cold has sapped my energy and I needed a down day.

After lunch I spent about 20 minutes cleaning off (most of) my craft desk so I could sit down with my Art Journal.  Actually, first I paged through a pile of magazines ripping out headlines and words in large fonts.  I tore and layered the bits of paper so that most of the words were unreadable.  I named this creation “Sound Bite”.

I don’t have a television and when I do occasionally spend some time watching TV, it feels kind of how this page looks.  I’m overwhelmed by all the words and noise and information that changes so rapidly.  The camera moves quickly and snippets of information flash by.

For the other pair of pages, I first painted a sheet of watercolor paper in big swaths of color, tipping the paper every which way to drip the paints through each other.  I also used watercolor crayons on the wet paper.

Dripped Paint

After the paint dried, I added some rubber-stamped patterns.

Paint + Stamping


Next I cut this page into pieces.

Cut Up

Finally, I rearranged the pieces and glued them into my journal.


There’s something about this that makes me think of tornadoes and storm clouds, albeit more colorful than what you might see in nature.  I’m going to call this “Patchwork Color Storm.”

I hope your weekend was just what you needed.  Thanks for the visit.


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I started another Art Journal.  I’ve got one just for the doors and entries spreads but I wanted to have another general one that I can fill with whatever I want.

Pinterest continues to give me ideas and inspiration and these triangles were inspired by these triangles at Pie ‘N the Sky. Which, in turn, were inspired by these triangles at A Beautiful Mess.

Triangle Template & Tools

I first cut out some triangles that were 1.5 inches on each side but I decided they were too small, so I went with 2.5 inches instead.  I made a template out of heavy card stock (the front cover of a mini calendar), measuring the triangle and cutting it out with an Exacto knife.  This was great because I just put the template down on paper to decide exactly where I wanted to cut out the shapes from that page.

Be sure and cut some triangles with the design oriented with the point at the top and some inverted so the design or photo is oriented with the wide part at the top.

Lots 'o Triangles

Most of my triangles were cut from magazine pages but some came out of textbooks, there is a triangle from a dictionary (with the definition of triangle, of course), a paint swatch (the photo on the reverse side of the paint samples), sheet music, a postcard, the lining of an envelope, and pretty patterned paper.  Thin paper is best for the center of the two pages if you are doing a two-page spread in an art journal because it is easier to smooth it into the crease.

Golden Gate Bridge

I did my initial layout on the back of a manilla folder.  In one of the blogs I looked at they had all the triangles touching but I liked how they looked with a little space in between.  I also think it is a little more forgiving as a layout because if you’re like me, the shapes are probably not all identical.

Triangle Layout

Before I started on my pages, I’d painted them with a coat of gesso for a more neutral background.  My glue of choice is a glue stick, although a glue pen was helpful when I found a corner I’d missed.


I forget this tip but it is helpful when you have a project with a lot of gluing: use a magazine (one you have read and pulled out any articles, recipes or material for future craft projects) when putting glue on the triangles and when one page gets too sticky, simply turn to a new page.


After I did my layout, I took a picture of it which was also helpful.  I started transferring triangles from the layout to the page and I got off track once but was able to refer back to the picture to see how I originally had it.

Even a 2.5 inch triangle is large enough to capture a familiar gaze.


Or a famous musician. Or two.

Johnny & Miles

An optional finishing step is a coat of Mod Podge or similar medium.  If I were doing this on the cover of my journal, I would do this step by I decided to skip it for this spread.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Art Journal Update

Bronze Door with Green Surround

Hello!  I didn’t intend to take such a long break from blogging but other things filled my time.  I think, after 30 Days of Creativity (30DOC), that I needed a breather.

I’ve started on my next Art Journal and wanted to share some pictures from it.  We also went to Sea Ranch over the long Fourth of July weekend so the post after this one will have some photos from that trip.

I’ve been collecting images of doors, archways, gates, windows and other interesting entrances because I want to do an Art Journal using these images.  I decided to use this picture of an elaborate bronze doors with the fancy green surround as my first door.  After pasting the picture into the book, I cut the doors open and added small door pulls.

Open the Doors

Doors can be seen as a symbol of new beginnings, an opportunity, or a transition.  I love all the detail in this double door, so much more elaborate than typical doors we see in our culture.

I wanted it to be a welcoming door, into  this, my new Art Journal.  Pull the door open and you will see…

Peek through the door

A smiling boy with a bright orange umbrella.  Turn the page and you will find he’s with some friends.

Orange Umbrella Boy & Friends

I love that the door is from India, the boys from Indonesia and the background is Russian.  The beautiful borders on these pages are from the artwork in the book I’m using for my journal: The Firebird.

Turquoise and Orange

I chose images that I both liked and for their colors to finish this two-page spread: California poppies and nasturtiums,purple and orange starfish, a Monarch butterfly and the Firebird from the Russian folktale.

I started this Art Journal in an old Bon Appetit cookbook.  I picked it up at a used book store in Half Moon Bay and thought I’d checked for a stitched binding.

Stitched Binding

But as I got into the second page, I realized that it was a glued binding and it was coming unglued! The book I used for 30DOC also had a glued binding and had held together for the whole month but this one was falling apart before I even finished two pages.  Changing to a different book seemed like the best way to go, so I cut the bronze and green door page out of the old cookbook/journal and tipped it into the new storybook/journal.  If you look closely at the page with the Firebird and poppies, you can see recipes peeking out through the colored background.

A closed door can also represent something ending or something hidden. In the next few pages, I created a room with book-lined walls and comfortable places to sit.  The background is a collage made from pages of a dictionary.

Book Room

I like the shabby but cozy feeling of peeling layers of paint, rich colors, lots of pillows and even a cat relaxing.  But what is behind the door?

Shabby Door


Yes, there is even a hint in those dictionary definitions: the word bare turned up.  I didn’t plan it that way but when it was pointed out, I highlighted the word that fit in so perfectly.

The soft peachy tones look beautiful next to the blue around and next to the doorway.

Nude through the door

Jessica Chastain in a photo from Vanity Fair.


I used foil for mirrors on these pages.  A lush arrangement of flowers and a chandelier are finishing touches.

Jessica and mirrors

Most of the pictures in these two pages are from a home on an island in Greece.

Greek Archways

Archways frame beautiful views.  On the right hand side, cut-outs offer a glimpse of the following page but seemed a little awkward.  I stamped on a small design in blue ink to make the page more cohesive.

More arches fill the next page.

Tuscan Arches

The ocher arches on the left side have been cut out to view the water on the previous page.

It was very satisfying to sit down with my supplies and create new pages in a new Art Journal.  Having unstructured, unscheduled time at Sea Ranch or on any vacation is one of the real benefits for me.

Take a look at the next post for a few Sea Ranch pictures.

Thanks for the visit.


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