Alphabet Valentine

Rubber Stamp Love

This is a clean, not-too-mushy Valentine. A classic red card with black font on white paper accented with a little bright pink.


alphabet rubber stamp set (not too big)

4.25″ x 5.5 ” red card stock (half sheet of 8.5 x11)

pink, black and white card stock (size depends on stamps used)

red, pink & black felt pens

black ink pad

double-sided adhesive

paper cutter

stamps, ink and other embellishments to complete the card

1. Establish the size of your white paper. Mine is about 2.75″ x 3″. It depends on the alphabet set you use. I used an alphabet rubber stamp set from Hero Arts.  The size of the set, when pushed all together in a block,  is about 3 1/8 inches on each side.  Cut white paper.

2. Line the stamps up in a grid of 5 rows with 6 blocks in each.  Set the i, o and u on end so you remember not to stamp them in black.  Stamp all the other letters  in black ink (see finished card for alignment).  If  a letter doesn’t fully stamp, carefully ink in missing portion on your white paper with a black felt pen.

3. Ink the letters i and u with a red felt pen and stamp them.

4. Using a pink felt pen draw a small pink heart where the o would go. Let ink dry.

5. Measure and cut black paper at least 1/8 inch larger on both sides then white paper. Do the same with pink paper.

6. Adhere layers together.

5. Score and fold red card stock for the card and adhere alphabet piece to the front.

6. Embellish as desired. I used three dots punched from the pink paper as an accent (I call these “Dianne Dots and will write about them more another time).  Stamp or write message inside card.

7. Complete your card with a signature or initials on the back and give to your Valentine.

"I Heart U"

I had the idea of printing out the alphabet portion on your computer. What I realized is the computer will cleverly align the letters depending on their size. This is good for text but not helpful for this project.

Paper and ink from Stampin’ Up!

Tag Alphabet and Alphadot sets in first photo from Stampin’ Up!

Celtic Lowercase Alphabet set from Personal Stamp Exchange (out of business but stamps may be available through eBay).

Happy Upper Case Alphabet set from Hero Arts. I found it at Joann Fabric and Craft Store.

Tombow adhesive.

Thanks for stopping by!


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11 responses to “Alphabet Valentine

  1. Carson

    I love the simplicity of it! Thanks for giving us all a helpful way to remember to ink the I and U differently. I am going to make this card once we get settled. Yay for my favorite crafting blog!

  2. j.

    Thanks, dianne. You’re my favorite valentine maker! I’ll forever treasure my collection of your cards.

    You were shy about taking credit for your typography and then came up with this great card. Let’s see what you come up with after j. brings up morpho-phonemic orthography…

  3. JulieB

    You are so creative – you inspire me. 🙂

  4. justalittlelostinlove

    I always make Valentine’s day cards by hand (I’m a firm believer that that sort of thing should come from the heart and hand than from a store), and so I love this! Simple, yet sweet!

    • Thanks, I saw that design and thought the same thing: simple, yet sweet. Valentine’s are best when made by hand. But when a friend picks out a card just from me, I’m delighted to receive it. If someone asks me what to give someone for Valentine’s Day, I usually suggest that they write a heartfelt love letter. But jewelry is nice too! 🙂

  5. Pingback: Ideas for Valentine’s Projects: Revisiting Previous Posts | dianne faw

  6. david

    Can anyone tell me where I could purchase stamps in Upper case letters that are 2inches tall?

    • Hi, David – I’m afraid I can only suggest you look online. Alphabet stamps are very popular. I’ve bought many stamps from Stampin’ Up but it’s been several years since I purchased my alphabet stamps. Good luck.

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