Masterboard Valentine Tags

Masterboard Valentine Tags

Creating a masterboard is one way to make multiple card pieces relatively quickly. If you have a lot of sweethearts on your Valentine list you can make eight of these tags in a reasonably short time.  They will all be unique and easier to produce than eight separately crafted ones.

A masterboard is simply a piece of card stock that is first covered with your design (in this case, layers of rubber stamped images) before cutting into smaller pieces to use on your art work.  In the future, I’ll post other projects using masterboards.

The Winter 2011 Issue of Take Ten from Stampington & Company inspired this project in several ways. First I noticed decorated paper luggage tags by Cynthia Otto.  Then an article on masterboards with samples by Teresa Abajo and finally the cute cover art (brown paper packages tied up with string) by Vanessa Spencer.  I mixed them all together and I had my Valentine Tags!

As usual, it’s a good idea to read through all the supplies and directions and look at the pictures (click on photos for close-up view) before you get started on this project.


(each sheet of card stock makes eight tags)

1 sheet 8 1/2 x 11 inch page card stock in a light color such as pink or lavender (my sample in some photos is cream to best show the designs).

Large background rubber stamps (all-over patterns such as text, harlequin diamonds, musical notes, flowers, paisley, etc. – mine are from Stampin’ Up! and each stamp is about 4.5 x 5.75 inches each.

variety of different size and designs of rubber stamps such as swirls and hearts

variety of different color ink from lighter to darker in tone (such as pale pink on through deeper pink until you reach a deep rose red)

greeting rubber stamps if desired

scraps of card stock and decorated paper

heart punch (mine is about 1 5/8 inches)

half-inch circle or small flower punch

double-sided adhesive

paper cutter, scissors

hole punch (Either a standard office size , 1/4 inch, or an 1/8 inch will work fine)

wavy edge or other decorative scissors

cord, string or narrow ribbon

Optional: self-adhesive glitter dots and crystals

other embellishments and glue dots to adhere them as desired/needed


  1. Start by creating your masterboard. I prefer having my designs right side up so I decide which way my finished tag will be and stamp images with that in mind.  For example, I don’t want a bird to be flying upside down.
  2. Script layered over pale pink diamond pattern.

    Using a large background stamp, ink it up with one of your lighter- colored inks and stamp on the 8 1/2 x 11 inch card stock. Re-ink and stamp until you cover the page.  It’s o.k. if there are some gaps or overlaps and it can be at an angle. Be sure to go all the way to the edges since you will be cutting the paper into smaller pieces. You can repeat this step with another large background stamp and a different color as I did in my example.

  3. Choose a smaller stamp and medium color of ink and randomly stamp that design on the page.  Stamp more than once before re-inking to get another tint of the color.
  4. More layers have been stamped on the masterboard.

    With smaller stamps and deeper color ink, keep inking and stamping until you have a layered pattern you are pleased with.

  5. Cutting the masterboard page in half.

    Cut the paper in half at the 4.25 inch mark.

  6. 1 Masterboard = 8 tags

    Cut each half into 4 rectangles at the 2.75 inch mark so resulting pieces are 4.25 x 2.75  inches each.

  7. Snip off the corners to create the tag shape.

    With scissors cut off the top corners of each rectangle to create tag shape (see photo).  I cut the first one and use it as a pattern for each subsequent tag.

  8. Cut strips from decorative paper of about 3/4 to 1 inch wide and long enough to go down one side of a tag (or across the bottom of the tag).
  9. Cut each strip into two narrower strips using wavy-edged scissors.
  10. Adhere paper strip along one side or bottom of tag.

    Adhere a strip to each tag along one side or along bottom.

  11. Punch half inch circle or small flower from paper and adhere to the top of the top center of the tag.
  12. Punch a hole in circle or flower shape with hole punch.
  13. Thread baker’s string, narrow ribbon or cord through hole and tie in a knot.
  14. Punch heart shapes from decorative paper and adhere to tag.
  15. Put on the finishing touches.

    Add embellishments if desired.

  16. Stamp or write greeting on reverse of tag and give to your Valentine.

Here's a finished tag.

Beautiful tags made by a 13-year-old. Some haven't yet been embellished.

Masterboard Valentine Tags: ready and waiting for cupid-delivery.

Card stock, ink, flower punch and background stamps by Stampin’ Up!

Swirl Heart Open stamp by Rubber Stampede.

Postmark stamp by Inkadinkado.

Mini Key Heart stamp by Stampendous!

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