Jade. Celadon. Hunter.  Lime.  Army.  Kelly.  Sea.  Olive.  Mint. Teal.  Green. It is a popular buzzword for sustainable building. There is, of course, a certain frog and his lament about being green.  Green can refer to someone or something that is immature or unripe, to someone who is ill, to leafy plants eaten as vegetables and to golf courses and park land.

Is is that last definition that I experienced hiking on Saturday.  Spring is almost here and it seemed like nearly everything around me was green. You may have noticed I changed the background color here.  When I started writing this, I’d planned on changing it every few months to keep things interesting.  After that hike green seemed like the obvious color. With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner,  I offer my little tribute to green.

I parked on Crown Road (the Goodhill Road side) in Kentfield and hiked down the Harry Allen trail to Phoenix Lake.  In the picture, above, I’m almost at the top of the trail.  Mt. Baldy is on the upper right and you can just see a bit of Phoenix Lake in the upper center portion of the picture (click on it for a bigger image).  The lake is a little diamond of dark green.

The path was populated with volunteers hard at work doing trail maintenance .  A salute to Marin Conservation League and their crew clearing roots, resetting heavy wooden steps, scraping slippery moss from a wooden bridge and other tasks. Molly was delighted with all the people and attention and charged downhill with me trying to stay upright.

When we got down to the lake level, sunshine enhanced all the shades of green including the new grass growing on Mt. Baldy.

Continuing around the lake I looked back for this view of Mt. Tam – a beautiful shade of blue to accent the green palette. Then on around the lake on the Phoenix Lake trail.

California Buckeye’s are one of the few trees I could pick out and name on sight and they’re all in new leaf.  The leaves come out in this little cluster and then open up like little umbrella’s.

Another touch of blue, another waterfall and then the hike back up (and up, and up) the newly-groomed trail to Crown Road and my car.  Molly was still full of energy, but I was a little worn out.  Most of the volunteers were continuing to work and recognized us from passing earlier.  A good hike in our little corner of Oz.

Thanks for stopping by.


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11 responses to “Green!

  1. Kathleen Faw

    Nice photos! Sorry I missed the hike.

  2. alice

    beautiful…my irish eyes are smiling

  3. j.

    What a cute dog! How long does it take to make the circuit there?

    • Isn’t Molly adorable? She’s a sweetheart and I borrow her every Saturday for a hike. There are several options for going around the lake and it depends on your pace. The way I describe in this post was probably a two hour hike, but I’m really not sure.

  4. j.

    I saw a flash of green at the COM campus…

  5. ah HA! After reading a couple of your posts I had a feeling you are a kindred spirit. Now I’m sure! I love green too! ( Nice to meet you.

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