Weekend Getaway

Pacific Ocean from Hwy. 1

Photographers: Rem O’Donnelley and Dianne Faw


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12 responses to “Weekend Getaway

  1. Rem

    Marvelous pics but the place looks familiar. I’m having a de ja vu moment.

  2. Nicole

    I am so glad you had this wonderful getaway. The pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Rebecca Kuiken

    Thanks m’dear for a gentle visual moment!

  4. Joan

    Thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures! Great scenes and vistas! You did a great job with the camera!

  5. Xenia

    Simply beautiful! I especially liked all the skyscapes and the trees.

  6. alice

    Beautiful pictures – spectacular scenery. The rainsquall2 view could be here, today!

  7. Monica

    I especially love the Rain in the Trees (No. 4 photo), and the seals looking up at you. They are lovely photos and I wish I had taken them! – or had been where they could have been taken….

  8. Eileen

    I love the pics and especially the little lamb…..just born little lamb. I think he thinks you are his mommy. Sooo sweet.
    Thanks for sharing. Gorgeous and the seals were cool too.

  9. vickie

    that little lamb is so cute, it looks so happy with you holding it. that must of been an exciting thrill to help that little guy. thanks for sharing.

  10. Rhonda

    I am so impressed with you! Loved the pictures! Expecially the sunsets and sheep. Thanks for sharing.

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