Easter Egg Tree

I’ve been remiss in presenting any Easter craft projects.  I tried to make up for that with a last minute egg-decorating project but only managed to do all the things that you shouldn’t do.  Smudgy finger prints, gluey fingers with bits of paper stuck to them, etc.  So I will take some time to do it properly and save those helpful tips for next year.  For this Easter I present to you: photos from our family Easter Egg collection.

I don’t know when we started blowing eggs and decorating them – often with felt-tipped markers.  I know we used to have an egg I did for the bicentennial when I was 16 years old, so at least 35 years.  That egg has gone the way of others over the year – dropped  and broken or cracked beyond repair.

We used to find a good branch and put it into a flower pot to display them.   The blown eggs were carefully hung from the twigs of the branch which was fine until the pot tipped over and fragile eggs crashed to the table.  For quite a few years a branch was hung from the wrought iron chandelier.  The current method is a pair of ornament trees hung with eggs – one on the dining table and one on the piano.

Many different decorating techniques are represented: decoupage, mosaic, very shaky wax-resist Pysanky-style eggs, watercolor, pen and ink, and more.  We are lucky enough to have some eggs crafted by my Grandma Cooper (the pretty green with white flowers and white with blue flowers are hers). Other friends and family members have added to the collection, including some commercial eggs and I try and do a new one or two most years.

This is one of my 2011 eggs: blue and gold paper, gold ink, watercolor felt pen, adhesive gems, a button and a gold cord for hanging.  It is pictured in a birds nest I found years ago.

Below are the other eggs I finished this morning, packed and ready to go to my parents house.

Here are some sites I’ve visited with information about various egg decorating techniques.

Learn Pysanky

Wayne Schmidt’s Pysanky

Mosaic Easter Eggs (Save egg shells from peeled, dyed eggs for an egg-shell mosaic on a blown egg)

Paper-Napkin Decoupage Easter Eggs (Martha Stewart)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!


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15 responses to “Easter Egg Tree

  1. Rem

    Huevos huevos, lovely decorated huevos as always! Great pics!

  2. Very Pretty!! This must have taken forever!!

    • Thank you! It is a collection that has grown slowly over the years. We sometimes drop one while getting them on the tree, but crafting is relaxing for me and an egg is a small canvas.

  3. JZ

    Nice work Dianne.

  4. Eileen

    gorgeous; love the egg in the bird’s nest. Thanks for sharing.
    Do you display at your place and your parent’s house too?

    • Thanks, Eileen. The Easter Egg Tree is at my parent’s house so everyone can enjoy it (and so they can store it!) The eggs go back in cartons after Easter and the two ornament trees get put back in boxes.

  5. I always think of you when I see decorated eggs…so glad you posted this! I’ve been involved in some of your egg decorating projects over the years (okay, mostly a really long time ago) and it’s so fun to see so many different projects. Feliz Pasqua!

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  8. Roxie

    hello what a lovely display of Easter eggs! Could I pls ask you how you hang them? I mean do you glue or tape a string onto the egg? Thank you

    • Thank you, Roxie. When we used blown eggs, we would thread a piece of ribbon, or thread (often something thicker than standard sewing thread, like embroidery floss) and put a bead or button at the bottom to keep it from pulling through and make a loop at the top. I know at times I also used hot glue to attach some kind of cord or ribbon to hang the eggs.

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