Show and Tell Cards

I’m really proud of two fabulous, handcrafted cards I’ve recently made, so this is a show-and-tell post.

One card celebrates the birth of a little baby boy and the other also celebrates a birth, but this one was 94 years ago!  It is a birthday card for a lovely woman I visit every week.  I sing in a choir of women called Threshold Choir.  We sing at bedsides of people who are struggling: some with living, some with dying.  We visit clients in care facilities, hospital rooms and in their homes, and usually go in small groups of  two or three singers.

I’ve been singing for Pat for about a year now and have become quite fond of her.  Though she has lost most of her eyesight, she doesn’t miss much and has a wonderful sense of humor.  She asked my singing partner and me if we would sing at her birthday celebration and we agreed  that we would be honored.  In fact, seven choir members joined us at her party and it was a wonderful event.  A trio, including the guest of honor, performed several songs accompanied by ukulele and tambourine.  The room was packed with residents and staff of the facility, relatives including a great-grandson, choir members, and friends.

Because Pat is essentially blind, I wanted to create a card that she could enjoy using some of her other senses.  The theme was Cornucopia of Blessings to honor a song that was written for (and sung at) the occasion.  I wove strips of paper to form a cornucopia that would be tactile and then stamped scratch and sniff fruit for the basket.  I promise to show you how to do scratch-and-sniff stamping because it’s so fun!  That will be my next post.

Both of these projects were over-sized cards.   The Cornucopia Card filled the page with it’s large woven basket spilling fragrant, ripe fruit, musical notes and little hearts.

The second card is for a good friend and his wife who had a baby on Mother’s Day. The design I used was of a clothesline hung with baby clothes.  I started with two 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of turquoise card stock, scored and folded in half and than adhered together to create a trifold card.  I sponged white swirls with craft ink and then used a cloud template to sponge and air spray cloud shapes in two shades of blue ink.  Green printed paper served as the ground and strips of brown card stock made great poles.  The line was made from bakers string.

The clothes were drawn free-hand on colored card stock and patterned paper.  I used a pencil first (and yes, an eraser) to draw the shapes and went back over the pencil lines with a fine-tip black pen,  and used colored markers and a silver pen to bring out or add details such as snaps and zippers. Some embellishments were cut or punched from contrasting paper (such as the light green pockets and cuffs on the green overalls) and the little critters were cut out from a piece of printed paper called “Born to be Wild”  that I picked up a Michaels. After cutting out each little onesie, bootie, and bib, I used pop-up foam dots to adhere them to the card with a little double-sided adhesive to stick the top edge of the clothing to the clothesline.

Finally, a folded and glued strip of light brown cardstock cut into small bits served as clothespins. Because the dad often wears Hawaiian shirts I included one on my line and since he works in a lab, a lab coast seemed like a good idea.  The finishing detail is the name over the pocket on the lab jacket.  This was added after I took the initial photos.  One pair of little shorts didn’t find room on the line, so I pasted them to the back where I sign my cards.

Cards like these take time and effort but they are a labor of love.  It is very satisfying to envision a design and then work towards the finished piece and have it succeed as well as or even better than the original idea.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon to see my post on scratch and sniff stamping!


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10 responses to “Show and Tell Cards

  1. Tracy

    So wonderful! I am especially touched by your ministry to the lovely 94 y.o. woman. Keep up the good work!

  2. Gladys

    So so cute! Love all the fruity~

  3. These are so inspiring and relaxing to look at , A great use of time-pure pleasure! Streetcolor

  4. Carson

    I absolutely love the baby card, especially the personal details, that card better go in the man scrapbook! I also loved the waterfall card you made for Sorin, it is hanging in a prominent place in the kiddos digs, so thoughtful you are!

    Can’t wait to see the scratch and sniff post, keep up the great and inspiring work Ms. Faw!!

    • Thanks, Carson. The clothesline theme is cute and making it personalized is really fun. So grateful I am that reading my blog you are! Scratch and sniff still ahead!

  5. I especially love the clothes line ones!!

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