Day 1. First Project: Birthday Pennants

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REM!!! Day 1 of 30 Days of Creativity is off to a great start.  I got my workout in, raced home and started cutting triangles of paper.  I  glued them back-to-back to a length of ribbon and voila, I’ve created my first thang for June! Yay!  I don’t think the others will happen this early or quickly.

I thought of making these from fabric and fusible webbing but I’m really glad I thought twice and went with paper and double sided adhesive.  I’ve got LOADS of paper and it was really fast to put together.  Since today is Rem’s birthday (and we like to celebrate birthday month)  I wanted something  festive.  The cardboard Happy Birthday was looking lonely and these colorful little flags add a very celebratory look to the apartment.

Here is the card I made last night for Rem.  It is scratch & sniff (the chocolate sauce and the cherry) plus I wanted to have the scent of vanilla so I dipped a little fold of paper into some vanilla extract and dried it with the heat gun. I adhered that under the scoops and the card really does smell delicious!  Last but not least, a little dusting of confetti sprinkles made from tiny punched paper dots and dashes.  This isn’t part of the 30 Days project as it was made before June 1.

More to come!


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6 responses to “Day 1. First Project: Birthday Pennants

  1. Rem

    Thank you for the wonderful start to my birthday and making our place so festive!

  2. YAY! Great idea and awesome execution!

    Happy Birthday, Rem!

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