Day 2: Embossed Tins

This was a fun project that I shared with some colleagues during lunch: embossed tins.  We used thin metal duct tape to cover the lids of  little candy tins then embossed designs into the tape using pencils.

The aluminum duct tape is sold at the hardware store and we used small tins that most of us dug out of drawers.  The tape is used to cover the lid, a craft knife trims the edges and a plastic spoon smooth everything flat and burnishes the edges.  Stamping designs onto paper or printing them off the computer was simple. Tape the paper to the tin and trace the design with a pencil, remove the paper, go over the lines and add more detail.  The results are really quite impressive!

I found the instructions here at CraftStylish in an article by Diane Gilleland.  She is the new editor of the online craft magazine CRAFT and also writes CraftyPod a blog about making stuff which is loaded with great craft information. Thank you, Diane, for showing me how to emboss a tin box.

And thank you to Monica, Candice, Sherry, Becky and Kait for your enthusiasm, creativity and humor.  I wonder what I’ll make tomorrow?


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14 responses to “Day 2: Embossed Tins

  1. Carson

    Way cool! Wish I could’ve been there to join in the fun.

  2. Rae

    What a SUPER cool project! I wanna!

    • I encourage you to try it Rae. The aluminum duct tape isn’t very expensive and I think the roll I got is 10 yards…PLENTY for this project with lots left for future creations. If you DO try it, please send me a picture!

  3. Monica

    It was fun and relaxing, except for the part at the end when we had to stop!

  4. Kait

    I love my box! Thanks Dianne!

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