Day 3: Security Envelope Flower Cards

These cute cards are made by punching flower shapes from security lined envelopes which I was able to find in my basket of mail. Recycling is always a good idea and with 27 days of creating to go, I figure the more projects I can do without buying a bunch of new supplies, the better!

Look at all these great patterns and colors.  Yes, you say, but what about the buttons? True, I have purchased buttons from the craft store to embellish projects.  In keeping with this idea, I came up with another resource.

You probably have buttons like these in a drawer or jewelry box.  Perhaps buttons for an item of clothing that no longer lives in your closet.  I don’t know if I’ve ever used these any buttons from these little packets, but I saved them!

You can see where I got this idea here at Mel’s Designs.  She embellished her cards with sewing machine stitching and some sparkly gems. Once you’ve assembled th flowers it is quick work to make a few greeting cards.

These cards make me happy.  I’m looking forward to creating something new tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


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4 responses to “Day 3: Security Envelope Flower Cards

  1. Love this idea! i use the printed inside of envelopes too, but it’s usually for little borders. These are outstanding – I’m all for diverting waste paper whenever possible and will definitely keep this fabulous suggestion of yours in mind 🙂 Congratulations — i found you on the freshly pressed landing page!!

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