Day 4: Pizza Bites

Bites of dough made from scratch, stuffed with warm, melt-y mozzarella cheese and spicy bits of pepperoni.  Rem and I made Pizza Bites for dinner and though we enjoyed them, we didn’t love them as we expected to.  Maybe because I adjusted the recipe to make it a little healthier (1/4 wheat flour in the dough, part skim mozzarella cheese and in my half of the batch, turkey pepperoni) but these were more doughy and less yummy than we’d hoped.

I found the recipe on Annie’s Eats (click on the title to go to her blog and see her recipe) and made the changes mentioned above.  We don’t have a stand mixer so I mixed and kneaded the dough by hand.  These are good and kind of fun but I don’t know if we would make them again.

I don’t like all the tomato sauce on most pizza but I love the crust.  Because these little balls of dough are put up against each other in the pan before baking they aren’t very crusty.  Perhaps baking them in a larger pan and more spread out would make them more like I imagined.  Of course using whole milk mozzarella and some cooked Italian sausage might win me over too.  I dipped some in marinara and could imagine them slathered in butter.

Paprika marked the ones filled with turkey pepperoni

Making pizza dough and baking Pizza Bites on a rainy day with your sweetheart isn’t a bad thing and we’ll use the other half of the dough for pizza dinner on another night. That is my creation for today, day 4 of 30 Days of Creativity.

UPDATE: Leftovers, warmed in the microwave for about 20 seconds than toasted in the toaster oven were really good, especially with a bit of butter.


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4 responses to “Day 4: Pizza Bites

  1. I love your 30 day creativity project…I also love a couple of things about how you’re doing it…you’re being creative about making time for the project du jour – at work, during lunch, with friends! AND, you’re open to the fact that sometimes things don’t turn out as well as maybe you’d hoped. Good for you!

    • Thanks, Lis! I’m more of a perfectionist with projects when I don’t have them happening every day. I want this to be fun so it has to fit in with other aspects of my life. If something doesn’t work, well, that was that day’s project, gotta move on.

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