Day 10: Toaster with Neon

I guess I wasn’t paying very close attention because it wasn’t until I was struggling with a project on Day 8 that I learned (thanks, Andy) there was a 30 Days of Creativity calendar with a theme for each and every day!  So if you need a little inspiration or the proverbial kick-in-the-pants you can go with the theme for that day.

I have lots of ideas but not always lots of time.  Or I don’t have the supply I want or whatever, but I looked up the  theme for the day today, just in case.  The theme: Toaster.  Now maybe the idea was what could you create USING a toaster.  What delicious treats could you brown or melt or what crafty creations could you heat,  shrink, melt or otherwise change with a toaster.  I wasn’t exactly inspired by “Toaster”.

Then Rem and I had breakfast here this morning on my first summer Friday off.  I saw this toaster (in the window of Theresa and Johnny’s on 4th Street in San Rafael, CA), I thought it was just crying out to be included in this project.  It was being as creative as it knew how.  So for Day 10 I present to you: Toaster with Neon Flames.

What did you create today?  I’d love to hear about it.  A big Happy First Birthday to Eamon, magnificantly created by Carson and Ian and born 1 year ago today.

See you tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by.


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4 responses to “Day 10: Toaster with Neon

  1. Carson

    Yay for the shout out! Love you Auntie Dianne. I covered a magazine file with pretty paper, not my best work, but its something.

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