Day 13: Covered Match Box and Candle Set

This is a quick and easy project that would make a nice hostess gift. We enjoy candlelight  with dinner but a utilitarian box of matches doesn’t add much to the table setting.  Choose some pretty paper to cover the box. Slide the drawer of matches out of the sleeve and measure the sleeve.   I like the paper to go over the sides a bit because there’s usually a line of color and some text printed on that I want to hide.  Be sure and keep most of the sides uncovered so you have a place to strike the matches.

I find it easiest to work with if I carefully open the seam of the box and flatten the whole sleeve. Cut the decorative paper and score lines for where the box has folds.  Carefully adhere paper to the box and repeat on the other side. Glue the seam of the box, slide the drawer of matches into the newly covered sleeve and that’s it.

For the candles, fold a piece of colored card stock around them and adhere on the back.  Add a piece of the matching decorative paper, also adhered on the back.  Finish with a length of raffia wrapped around and tied in a bow.  The little tag is embellished with a punched paper flower and a border of faux stitching around the edge: just dots of black ink joined by dashes of pink for the stitching.

I couldn’t resist this greeting for the tag.  Every one of you that reads this really DOES light up my life.  Thank you.


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3 responses to “Day 13: Covered Match Box and Candle Set

  1. amber rose

    Oh, such a great idea for a gift. Very creative 🙂

    • Thank you Amber. It’s kind of like when you put on a jacket over jeans and a t. It makes it an outfit. This is dressing up a very simple pair of candles and a box of matches and it elevates them into nice git!

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