Day 15: Glass Marble Magnets

1. Flat glass marbles (also called gems and glass globs).  I used the large size which is a bit over 1 1/4 inches.  Be sure to get clear and not iridescent. Learn from my mistake.  The smaller size came in a giant bag at Michaels  which looked like way too many, but these are so easy, I wish I’d gone for that.  Find the marbles in the floral department or with mosaic supplies.

2. Photos – mine were printed on a color laser jet printer.  I did a few sizes on the page of each photo so I would have a good selection.

3. 1 1/4 inch circle punch (if you are using large sized glass marbles).  Or scissors.

4. Small amount of  Diamond Glaze or Crystal Effects or similar clear adhesive for adhering photos to marbles. (let dry)

5. Magnets.

6. Hot glue gun. (E6000 is a good adhesive option for gluing the magnets on the back but I didn’t have any and the glue gun was faster).

7. Creation: Another cute Father’s Day gift! If you use the smaller size, 6 will fit very nicely in a decorated Altoids tin.  (See Day 2 Project for decorating the Altoids tin here ).  Not so much with the large size.

Eamon Bruce Riutta

Happy Father’s Day to Ian!

I’m happy to have made it halfway through 30 Days of Creativity which is proving to both challenging and creative.


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