Day 22: Fabric Covered Notebooks

I love pretty little notebooks that I see in stationary stores. For Day 22 I covered a few small composition books with fabric using fusable webbing.  I saw this project on Crafty Pod and you can click on this link to get Diane Gillelands’ clear and easy-to-follow tutorial.

Of course one of the first things she mentioned is making sure you couldn’t see the text or design of the cover through the fabric.  Oops.  On the small book I can see the original cover design.  If you want to use a fabric that doesn’t cover, it would be easy enough to first glue on a sheet of card stock to your book cover before covering with the fabric.

I found the  fabric at Joann’s and  it was on sale.  I bought  several “fat quarters” (a quarter yard of fabric typically cut 18″ x 22″ instead of 9″ x 44″ and popular with quilters) for 99 cents a piece.  Fusible webbing is a man-made fiber that will melt when heated and bond two fabrics together or in this case, bond fabric to paper.

After you press the creases out of your fabric, iron the fusible web to the fabric. Peel of the paper backing, then iron the fabric onto composition book.  You don’t want to get any of the fusible web melted on your iron, it will make a mess.  I used parchment paper between the iron and the fusible web.  Let it cool off and trim the edges. But be sure and check out the Crafty Pod tutorial because she really walks you through the steps.

Pretty little DIY fabric covered notebooks.  Thanks for the visit.

Tomorrow: what is in the big padded envelope of craft supplies?


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11 responses to “Day 22: Fabric Covered Notebooks

  1. I love your blog! These notebooks are so cute! I cannot wait to make one:)

    • Thanks, Shannon – They’re really easy and I love how they look. I think it would be cute to glue a ribbon to the binding first to tuck in the pages as a bookmark before ironing on the fabric cover. I didn’t think of it until later so I haven’t tried it myself.

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  3. I’ve got to make some! :] They’re really nice and modern. Plus, they beat the $25 store-bought notebooks. ❤

  4. I don’t have any fusible webbing, would decoupaging the fabric on work?

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