Day 29: Vegetable Printed Wrapping Paper

Vegetable printing: SUPER easy and really beautiful.  You probably did it in grade school. Well, it is still fun and still easy to do.

Tomorrow is the last day of 30 Days of Creativity.  I’m running out of energy to do a daily project.  I want to read a book! So – an easy project that I could fit between my morning workout and my morning shower.

The cut end of a head of celery.  Pigment ink which is more like paint than water-based ink.  Or you could use paint.

A new potato, cut in half and carved into a simple leaf shape.

Start with the celery – stamp the whole sheet (or sheets) of paper.  Pull off a few stalks to make a smaller rose.  Stamp again.  Pull off a few more, stamp matching tags.

Both brown kraft paper and white tissue paper work for stamping.  Cover the table underneath the paper you are stamping as the ink can bleed through a bit.

That’s it!  See you tomorrow for the LAST PROJECT in 30 Days of Creativity.

Thanks for checking this out.


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20 responses to “Day 29: Vegetable Printed Wrapping Paper

  1. ann goheen

    I DIDN’T do this in school, that I can recall, but it is amazing how celery looks like a rose! So pretty!

    • Thanks, Ann – I didn’t do this exactly, but I did do carved potato printing with tempera. Doesn’t the celery look great? I saw this somewhere and wanted to try it. They also suggested using a cut head of radicchio but I didn’t happen to have one of those around.

  2. A simple and so great idea….

  3. thesplitpindiary

    Oh that’s so sweet! My partner and I always give each other ‘flowers’ jokingly, when we cut the ends off baby bokchoy for dinner – it never crossed my mind to use them for actually printing!

  4. Hi Dianne,

    I love your blog… only discovered recently when you were featured on Freshly Pressed. Am I able to see what I’ve missed in this 30-Day Creativity series by going to the June Archive?

    PS… really enjoy being a new Subscriber!

    • Thanks, Nicole – Most of my 30 Days of Creativity projects are crafts, so click on Crafts and you’ll be able to take a look at them. There are a few recipes so looking under the Cooking tab for those. But one is under Life so if you are still interested, click that tab so you see everything. Maybe I’ll get them organized in one place…but for now, that’s where they all are.

    • Nicole – Having kind of a DOH! moment. Yes, of course going to the June Archive would get you all the 30 Days projects. Sigh. I just need to catch up with my sleep now that I’m not doing a creation a day. Again, thanks.

  5. This is so simple that even I can do it. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas with us. You’re making the world a better place.

    • Thanks – yes, you can do it and I encourage you to try! What nice comments, thank you. I was just enjoying your blog as well and am adding you to my blogroll. I want to know about your story and how you ended up in the Czech Republic…maybe if I start reading through your blog posts I will learn more!

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