Things I Didn’t Create

Some Things I Didn’t Make During the 30 Days of Creativity:

  • Newspaper Blackout Poem.  I tried several but couldn’t finish one.  Have you ever made one?

How to make a Newspaper Blackout Poem: (from the site of Newspaper Blackout Poet, Austin Kleon)

Grab a newspaper.
Grab a marker.
Find an article.
Cross out words, leaving behind the ones you like.
Pretty soon you’ll have a poem.

  • Driftwood Candle-Holder.  I have the driftwood.  I found the candle-cups online.  I need to decide which ones, order them and put it together.
  • Wire & Bead Votive Candle Hanger. A friend has the supplies and we just didn’t connect in time for this to be part of the 30 Days.  But I’m hoping to do this sometime and will post it when I do.
  • Monogrammed Notecards.  I couldn’t decide on a style.  Or a medium.  Rubber stamped? Stencils? Iron-on letters?  Or who to make them for. Probably won’t do these unless I can figure out answers to those questions.
  • Small Needle-Felted Critter.  I’m finding that working with wool in the summer doesn’t interest me that much. But I expect I’ll work with needle-felting again when the weather is cooler.
  • Cute Bento-Box Style Lunch.  I’ve packed some pretty little lunches and thought I might do that as one of my projects.
  • Furoshiki. This is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth.  I saw on Pinterest someone made a very sweet reversible one with a matching cloth napkin.  That would be more sewing.  I don’t sew.  I have two of them and sometimes wrap my bento-box  type lunch containers in them to carry to work.
  • Soap.  I’ve thought of making soap before and I’ve seen some beautiful handmade soaps.  But this idea didn’t grab me enough to even look up a recipe.
  • Something Growing.  I live in an apartment so I don’t have a garden, per se.  But I considered doing something growing in a little pot, or doing something to a pot or set of pots, or of planting some small succulents in tiny containers (miniature clay pots? teacups?) and giving them to friends.   It would have been nice to have a gardening aspect as part of the 30 days.
  • Mosaic Item.  I’ve done mosaic and enjoyed it, but it seems like it is more than a one-day project.  On the other hand, I could have done each stage as a day.  Oh, well.  I didn’t.
  • Large Fused-Plastic-Bag Tote Bag.  I still want to make a larger fused-plastic-bag tote bag but I’m so pleased with the pouches and small tote we made using that technique that I can check that off my list and will get to that again sometime in the future.

Some Things I’ve Done Since the End of 30 Days of Creativity:

  • Gone to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • Read two books and started a third.
  • Taken several naps.
  • Read a bunch of the blogs by people who subscribed to mine.
  • Surfed through craft blogs without taking notes for possible projects.

What project have you not quite gotten to?  What craft have you been meaning to try but just haven’t yet?

What have you done instead of crafting?

Thanks for stopping by.


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4 responses to “Things I Didn’t Create

  1. Deletrius

    I’ve been scrapbooking a lot. I’m actually making one to give a friend for their birthday! It’s about as crafty as I get, but for some reason that Newspaper Blackout Poem sounds quite interesting right about now!

    • I love the blackout poems that other people right but I’ve found them very frustrating to create! Let me know if you make one. A scrapbook is a wonderful gift for a friend, good for you.

  2. Blackout Poem – I’m going to give this a try, it could be fun.

    First – buy a newspaper!

    No Sew Furoshiko – Just buy some fabric you really like and cut it to size! Not exactly traditional – but it works!

    • Please show me if you succeed at a blackout poem! And, yes, I could still do a furoshiki but with two in the shelf and not using them very often…don’t know how pressing it will be. I don’t have the pressure with the 30 days over!

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