I Wasn’t Born Yesterday

As proof to the heading of this post, I offer a class picture from 1965-66, of my kindergarten class at Wade Thomas Elementary School in San Anselmo, California.  That’s me, missing a few teeth, in the upper right.  But I’m just wondering why more people aren’t interested in the free stuff I’m giving away.  That’s right, I have some very cool fused-plastic-bag items (a zippered pouch and a small tote bag), and I am planning on giving them away.

Maybe you meant to comment on this post: Goats and Giveaway Number Two but then you had to walk the dog and just didn’t get back around to it.  Or perhaps you were at a good place in your book and wanted to finish it before you commented. Believe me, I understand!  I just don’t think it was because you aren’t interested in getting cool free stuff!

So why don’t you take a minute or two to take a look back at that post, take another look at those really awesome fused-plastic-bag items and then comment on that post and tell me which one of the June 30 Days of Creativity projects you just might make.  And do it now because tomorrow, June 27, is the deadline.  So walking the dog  can wait a few minutes and you can finish your book after you post your comment.

I am delighted to have you reading my blog and I’d be delighted to send you something for free.  Just because it’s fun and I think you’d like it!  I wasn’t born yesterday, ya know.


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6 responses to “I Wasn’t Born Yesterday

  1. waysideartist

    What a cute photo! We’re the same age! Somewhere there’s an analogous photo in an old box in my cellar, only this would be on the east coast – Philadelphia, PA. Did you live for Art time too?!

    Thanks for the poke in the ribs. I almost missed a chance to win a giveaway fused-plastic bag.



    • Thanks. I think my hair is pretty close to the same style as it was then! It’s a good age. And as for living for Art time, Nanina, I still do. My memories of Kindergarten (but maybe this is actually memories of nursery school) have a day that was something like this: Circle and Sharing, Art Time, Sand Box , Slides and Climbing Time with some Trike Time thrown in, Singing Time, Snack Time and Nap Time. Maybe that is just my ideal day! Let’s see does Facebook equal Circle and Sharing??

  2. mhana

    i found your class pic…. and would like to invite you to join the facebook group Wade Thomas …thanks for sharing.

    I’d like to post your class pic in an album to represent the year.
    Please request to join here, and let me know if u have any more pics.

    I went to WT also, early 70s.


    • Hi, Mhana –

      I have more pics somewhere but not scanned at the moment. I believe there are several Wade Thomas facebook groups – is yours simply called Wade Thomas?

      Feel free to post that picture. That goes back quite a ways!


  3. Graham Luce


    I had some time to kill the other day so googled “Wade Thomas School”… There are some nice old pictures of the place way before we were there. Then I saw this photo from our kindergarten class of 1966. I remember our teacher Miss Davis. I remember our beautiful class room with the big windows. I remember the little enclosed playground out back. I remember the piano that Miss Davis would play for us at nap time.

    I am the first kid in the second row. I live in Oakland now, but I really miss San Anselmo.

    Graham (Skip) Luce

    • Hey, Graham – I’m glad you still live in the Bay Area, isn’t it a wonderful place to live? I remember nap time but not the piano. I loved Wade Thomas. My mom still lives in the house we grew up in on Crescent Road and I was there this morning. Good to hear from you.

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