More Posts and My Favorite Socks

I’m planning on writing more posts.  I think of things I want to write about but then I feel like if I’m not going to write a post very often it should be a long one and then I don’t write at all.  So I’m going to try and write more often but write shorter posts with a few longer ones.

Today I’m writing about my favorite pair of socks.  I love these socks.  I received them as a gift for my 5oth birthday from my friend Jane.  They remind me of Jane and that’s a good connection.  They remind me of the wonderful birthday celebration I had –  another good connection.  When I put them on they make me happy and I always feel a little invincible (is it possible to feel a little invincibility?).  They say LOVE and HOPE and PEACE and FAITH and JOY on them so I feel as if those words, wrapped around my feet make me stronger and a bit like Wonder Woman and her bracelets, like I can deflect things when I wear them.

But best of all, they have just the right amount of elastic so they stay up but don’t bind and they’re very comfortable.  I love my socks.


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5 responses to “More Posts and My Favorite Socks

  1. Diane,
    I love your socks! Wearing colorful, happy socks makes me happy, too.

  2. Great post. Simple things are the best things. I love wearing socks too.

    • Thank you, thank you! Your posts have inspired me. You post often and there are short posts and long posts and everything in between. I always love to see when I have a message that you’ve written another post so I wanted to try and do that too. If I could manage a creation AND a post every day for the month of June, I know I can get a few more posts written. Glad you like the short and sweet one about my socks. 🙂

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