Skyping + Crafting = Skrafting

The other night I crafted with my friends, Carson and Jean.  We did a beautiful technique on glossy paper called “Polished Stone” which I will show you in the next post.  We chatted and laughed and had a great time crafting together.  The only problem was I didn’t have enough of the paper I needed for this project.  Too bad because Carson and Jean had plenty and were happy to share except they are in Washington and I’m in California.

Of course we could have been working on different projects but it was fun to be doing the same project at the same time even though we’re hundreds of miles apart.  Thanks to our computers and Skype and a little planning we had the supplies to work on our polished stone paper while we caught up.  We had a little hiccup with the technology but once that was worked out, it was almost as good as being together in one room.

Consider “Skrafting” with friends who live far away and you may find that the distance doesn’t seem quite so great.

Thanks for stopping by!


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7 responses to “Skyping + Crafting = Skrafting

  1. I’m on the internet!!! And you were right about the difference in quality between the two computers, good to know. Thanks for the wonderful night, I love the new word and I can’t wait to Skraft again soon!

  2. Jen

    Hi Dianne.I love this idea.I live on one of the gulf islands on the west coast of Canada.It is quite isolated here and winter can be brutal.I am in the midst of putting an addition on my cabin so I have more room for doing things.I make hand cream and soap.With my new space I hope to bring out my sewing machine and to start quilting.Also painting and generally having some fun with mucky stuff.I welcome your ideas on your posts.
    All the best,

    • Quilting, sewing, soap making…sounds like Little House on the Gulf Islands, Jen! If you can do some srkafting with friends, it might help with the isolation during winter! It’s fun in the summer too.

  3. Jean Riutta

    If we could skraft all the time I would totally do so!! And I would skraft in my favorite socks that are from L.L. Bean and they are made out of fleece.

    • Mmmm, fleece socks from LL Bean! Rem has fleece socks too but I find them a bit too warm for me. We will skraft again – I had a great time! But next time I’ll be sure and have the supplies I need for the project we do. Thanks for the comment, Jean!

  4. That sounds like a fun time. I like the title you gave the activity. Very clever!! Also, your polished stone paper is beautiful! What do you use it for?

    • Thanks, Becky (in Staten Island) – Skrafting was fun and I want to do it again. I use polished stone paper when creating greeting cards but it would beautiful as a cover on a small notebook. One friend loved how it looked too and she is thinking of doing full sheets (8 1/2 inch by 11 inch) in different colors, framing them and hanging them on the wall behind her desk at the office. If she does, I’ll post a picture.

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