Polished Stone Paper

The Polished Stone technique is very simple, really beautiful and effective but it does take special paper to create.  I think it is worth it.  The photos really don’t show off how gorgeous it is.

Rubbing alcohol on glossy paper causes the ink to spread and blend with the metallic ink showing a vein-like pattern so the end results look something like a slab of polished marble or other stone, depending on your color choices.


Glossy Paper (I get mine from Stampin’ Up!)

Re-inkers in both metallic such as silver or copper, and rich, jewel-toned colors

Rubbing Alcohol

Cotton Balls

Clothespin to keep your fingers (relatively) clean


Ink Marker(s)

Air Spritzer Tool


Pinch a cotton ball in a clothespin.  This is your daubing tool to apply the rubbing alcohol and ink to the glossy paper.

Get your cotton wet with the rubbing alcohol.  Next put about 3 drops each of 2 or 3 colors of  ink on the cotton ball and then put a bit of metallic ink on the cotton.  The consistency of the metallic ink is thick and comes out kind of painty rather than thin and drippy and you just want a dab of the metallic ink.  Too much of the metallic ink will take away from the end results.  Silver will give a gray cast to the paper if you use a heavy hand.  Better to start with less and add some later if you think it needs more.

Now start daubing the cotton ball all over the paper. Just keep dotting the ink onto the paper until you are happy with the results.  If it seems a bit dry, put more alcohol on the cotton.  If you want more color, add more ink.

For this example I had a piece that was turquoise blue and I wanted to add some green.  I dotted on the green ink using a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol.  I didn’t want to completely cover the turquoise and I wanted it to be softer and more blended, so I went over it with just an alcohol-dampened cotton ball to achieve this:

In the same way, if you’ve put more metallic ink on your paper than you want, you can start with a clean cotton ball and plain rubbing alcohol and go back over your paper to remove and/or spread out the metallic ink.

I decided to try an additional step I’d seen on other sites:  adding a fine spray of colored ink while the alcohol is still wet.  Using a colored marker and an air spritzer tool like this:

Dot an alcohol-dampened cotton ball on your paper and working quickly while the alcohol is still wet, spray ink over your polished stone paper.  This pictures shows how it looks:

You can see Carson on the computer daubing away as she creates polished stone paper.

Here’s to Skrafting, Polished Stone and inky fingers. Thanks for the visit and come back again.


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6 responses to “Polished Stone Paper

  1. Becky

    I remember making this kind of paper with you years ago. It was such an easy project for such a beautiful outcome. I still have some I think….

    • Hi, Becky (in Novato) – It’s a Becky day on my blog! Happy Becky Day! I love making it probably more than using it in a finished project. One of these days I’ll post about a finished card that uses polished stone paper. I did a small card, very simple, with a piece of the paper and really love how it looks.

  2. Wayside Artist

    This is a beautiful technique for producing decorative papers. I love the addition of metallic ink. There’s a lot of potential for creative color mixing and suggested textures. Great instructions and visuals. Thank you. I
    have added this to my to do list.


    • Thanks, Nanina – It is easy and beautiful with very satisfying results. If you use colors that are too far apart on the color wheel your results can be muddy but it is quite simple to start again with a new cotton ball and more alcohol. Be sure and let me know when you try it out.

  3. Jean

    I love this kind of paper!! After Skypcrafting with you and relearning the technique, I could not stop making paper! Carson was washing up and I wanted to keep going!! Anyway, love this paper creating technique:) Thanks for teaching it to us!!

    • You are most welcome, Jean! I loved the polished stone too. Have you made anything out of the paper you created? I’d love to figure out good uses for beautiful polished stone paper.

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