Newsprint Nails

When I first saw this on Pinterest it caught my attention.  Then my friend Andy posted it on Facebook and I got the idea that THIS manicure was just what I wanted for tomorrow, the first day of the fall semester at College of Marin where I work as an Administrative Assistant.

I admit mine isn’t done nearly as neatly as the picture that got me interested, but I think it is fun and different and they make me smile when I look at them.  Someone who is better at doing their own nails would almost certainly do a better job but I rarely wear fingernail polish because I’m always messing manicures up.  I chip them or stain them with ink or get glue all over them.

Here’s how to do these if you want to give it a try.


Light Colored Nail Polish

Clear Top Coat

Rubbing Alcohol

10 Small Squares or Strips of Newspaper, big enough to cover your nails

Small Paint Brush

Polish nails with 2 coats of light colored nail polish – I used a creamy off-white.

When polish is dry, wet nails with rubbing alcohol.  I used a small paint brush for this step but saw on other sites the suggestion to pour the alcohol in a small bowl and dip your fingers into the alcohol to wet the nail.

Press a piece of newsprint over the nail and smooth it down.

Carefully peel off newsprint – type should be on the nail, printed in reverse.

When you’ve finished all nails, cover with a clear top coat of polish.

Several times the newspaper stuck in the polish.  I used the brush and more rubbing alcohol to remove as much of the bits as I could but some just got covered over with the clear top coat.  Once they were dry I smoothed down a few bits with a file.

Thanks for checking out this post.


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4 responses to “Newsprint Nails

  1. Leah

    OH MAN. This is so cool! My fellowship ended on Friday and thus I no longer have to be business casual every day. I AM TOTALLY DOING THIS TOMORROW. Now to see if I have any rubbing alcohol…

  2. Lovely!! By the way, I just discovered Pinterest yesterday and am slightly obsessed with all the great pictures it shows me. I saw a colorful nailpolish one where you mix all different colors in a bowl of water…then dip your finger in and ta-da…tiedie nails.

    • Pinterest has certainly caught MY interest. I find that even if I try to just limit my time I get sucked in and start clicking through pictures and following links and once again, hours have disappeared. I’m going to look for tie-die nails. Thanks, Becky! By the way, liked your “Free Stuff on Amazon” post.

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