West Marin Sunday Drive (Part 1)

Rem and I enjoyed an outing to Pt. Reyes Station Sunday to see the wonderful Box Show at Gallery Route One. It is well worth a visit if you live in the area and will be up until the closing party and live auction on Sunday, September 18.

We usually get our picnic knapsack out but we didn’t even bother with that.  I had a fleece (that I never put on), a baseball cap, my camera, a fanny pack and some water.

It was a beautiful morning.  The fog had rolled back and the Nicasio Reservoir (see first photo) looked lovely.

We weren’t the only ones heading out to Pt. Reyes Station.  We passed loads of bicyclists making the trek and found many more in town.

Most of them were in line at the Bovine Bakery or outside eating in the sunshine.

I like the attitude of this bakery as much as the wonderful pastries.

Regulars keep their mugs on a shelf marked “Private Cups”.


Rem decided on the Morning Bun Coffee Cake – too big to consume in one sitting.

I was happy to see the “petite pastry” plate and chose a Chocolate Croissant and a mini Morning Bun.

I shared.  (OK, yes, it was a good thing that I went to Jazzercise AND had a big hike on Saturday).

We strolled down the street and were welcomed at the Pt. Reyes Community Garden.

Toby’s Feed Barn was our next stop.

I was delighted to see yarn bombs by artist Streetcolor.  I mentioned yarn bombs here.  They’re so cheerful and unexpected.

We wandered in and out of shops waiting for Gallery Route One (GRO) to open.

I snapped a little portrait in a shop window then browsed and found a birthday gift for a friend. I found a card that I want to copy in a future post.

Still to come: picnic lunch.  Thanks for stopping by.


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2 responses to “West Marin Sunday Drive (Part 1)

  1. What a lovely day trip. The pastries look wonderful and so does the fruit. I wish I could grow tomatoes like that in my garden. Thanks for bringing us along. I’m looking forward to the picnic lunch. What are we having?

    • You probably saw our lovely lunch in Part 2: salami, pate, fresh bread, tomato salad and wonderful cheeses. Rem picked a gouda and I had the local Mt. Tam, a small, triple cream, soft-ripened cheese. The last of the Mt. Tam cheese I had melted over new potatoes last night and the last of the delicious bread I ate toasted with butter and honey with my breakfast this morning. So not only did we enjoy the picnic but we’re still enjoying the leftovers.

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