Dahlia Fold Flower Card

I recently made a special card using this beautiful Dahlia Fold.  I had wanted something different for the design and knew that splitcoaststampers has some great tutorials, so I decided to look there for ideas.  Since making that first card (which I made and gave away without taking any pictures of it), I’ve made two more and they both turned out beautifully.

The design looks complicated but it really isn’t that hard.  It is made up of 8 folded petals that when put together create a lovely flower or medallion.


Double-Sided Paper


Circle Punch (I used a 1 1/4 inch punch)

Bone Folder (optional)

To make card with finished Dahlia Fold flower:

White Card Stock

Colored Card Stock


Rubber Stamps

Paper Cutter


Rubber Stamps

Embellishments (optional – for finished card)


For every full flower, use the circle punch to cut out 9 circles from the double sided paper.  Eight will be petals and one is the base – the circle for the base can be smaller than the petal circles.

Fold each flower in half and then in quarters and unfold.  The crease lines will be your guides for the next folds.

Now in the lower half of the circle fold a little curved flap up on one side.  The flap should only go as far as the crease lines.

Repeat on the other side – these two little folded flaps should come together to a point as if you are started to fold a tiny paper airplane.

Flip the circle over, in my example above, you would be flipping from the green side to the pink side.

Fold in towards center line on each side – the photo above shows the first two folds, the circle flipped over and the second two folds.  That is one complete petal of your dahlia.

Now fold seven more petals the same way so you have eight petals.

Fold the base circle in quarters and unfold to give you guidelines. Adhere the folded petals to the base, two petals per quarter.

I found if I pinched together the little flaps, it was easier to hold the petals as I adhered them to the base.

Sometimes I have to pull a petal off and re-stick it for better placement.

For this card design, I folded a few extra petals and then used green printed paper to fold two smaller circles into the petal shape.  I glued one of the full-sized petals into the smaller, green petals to form blossoms.

The stem of the flower is formed with a word stamp.  Additional leaves were created by stamping birthday greetings on green card stock with green ink and cutting out leaf shapes.  A self-adhesive crystal was added to the center of the flower and a few dots of pink ink accented the design.

I used white card stock to back the flower design and matted it with rose-pink card stock on a green card.

Here is the same Dahlia Fold using different paper.  A brown paper dot forms the center of the flower.

Here is my work space after finishing a card.  This is also the dining room table and I’ve learned that a placemat will cover one of those sheets of grid paper that I like to work on.  Too bad it won’t cover all the stamps, scissors, pens, punches and paper!

Thanks for visiting.  I’d love to see your Dahlia Fold creation.

Update: Here are two fantastic Dahlia Fold cards from crafters and sisters-in-law: Carson Hildreth Riutta and Jean Villanueva Riutta.  I love how they turned out.  Great work, ladies!



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10 responses to “Dahlia Fold Flower Card

  1. Your hand-made cards are beautiful. Someone must have thought they were really special to get this lovely card from you. Surely a keepsake.

  2. Beautiful card Dianne. I love the way you used the sentiment as the stem. I’m definitely going to try this one at home. Thank you again for so much crafty inspiration!

  3. I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients of one of these BEAUTIFUL cards for my birthday, thank you so much. It is absolutely gorgeous, and (and I don’t think you this), goes with our house color scheme…we have a lot of green. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • I’m so pleased to have such grateful recipients. It is very satisfying to make cards when the response is so positive and enthusiastic. I’m not surprised you have lots of green but I didn’t know so I’m glad it goes with your colors.

  4. Very pretty. Like your choice of colours.

  5. Jean

    I want to make this card ASAP! Thank you for the crafty idea!

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