Little Acorn Treats

I saw these cute little acorns on Pinterest the other day and decided to make a bunch to welcome Fall.  This is our one-eared squirrel, Woody, and our house gnome.  We call him Gnome.


Mini Nilla Wafers

Chocolate Kisses (I like dark chocolate, but milk would be fine too)

Butterscotch (or Peanut Butter) Morsels


Put a handful of Butterscotch Morsels in a small glass dish and microwave until melted.   Please check every 15 seconds or so.  I did mine for 20 seconds at a time but I know I don’t have a very powerful microwave.  So go slowly and stir them after they start to soften. Mine were still holding some shape after 60 seconds but once they were stirred again they were ready to use.

Spread a small amount of melted Butterscotch Morsels on the bottom (flat side) of a Mini Nilla Wafer and  stick a Chocolate Kiss (unwrapped) on it.  Let it set.

If you have a gnome in the house, he might be interested in helping.

Other small folk may also be interested too.  Sticky fingers may ensue.

With a small brush (you could probably do it with a toothpick), put a bit of the melted Butterscotch on the top, rounded side of the Nilla Wafer and stick on a Butterscotch Morsel. Let it set.

Warning: Mini Nilla Wafers have a way of disappearing from their box.  Maybe it’s the gnome.

Chocolate Kisses at least have foil to slow you down.

Or not.

Aren’t they cute?  And easy as can be.  I think they’d be a great garnish with an autumn dessert or a sweet addition to a plate of cookies.

I put mine in little cellophane bags with tags stamped with leaves.

Happy Fall, Y’all!


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7 responses to “Little Acorn Treats

    • There is something adorable about them, I agree. Sadly you probably wouldn’t have an easy time getting your hands on mini Nilla wafers. I don’t know about Hershey’s kisses or butterscotch morsels. But you keep busy making loads of other wonderful things.

  1. So cute! Love these… great idea. Thanks for passing it on.

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  3. These are great. I love dark chocolate!!!

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