Ridiculous Radiculopathy

I was planning on doing a different post this weekend.  I’ve got two great cards I want to write up and photograph for posting and sharing here but they will have to wait.

I’ve been having some upper arm and shoulder pain.  It has now been diagnosed as cervical radiculopathy.  It sounds kind of ridiculous to me.  This basically means I have a pinched or compressed nerve in my neck which is causing referred pain in my arm and shoulder.

This limits my activities as I try to avoid those that cause my symptoms to increase including sitting at a table, looking down and using my hands to do craft projects.  Typing on a computer isn’t much better, so I’m wrapping this up.

Ice packs and Advil are my companions.  I’ve started physical therapy and I’m doing the exercises that have been recommended.  My desk at work is going to be ergonomically assessed.  Once I’m feeling better I’ll be back at my craft table.  I hope it isn’t a ridiculously long wait.


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4 responses to “Ridiculous Radiculopathy

  1. Gina Nichols

    I hope you feel much better soon!

  2. Lindy Jung

    Get better! We miss you!

    • Hey, Lindy – I miss you too! I’ve got a massage tonight (yay) and a consult on Monday with the spine specialist to see about treatment options. As I write this I’m lying on an ice pack before I go to work. Bleh.

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