Small Town Street Fair

Rem and I went to the little town of Glen Ellen in Sonoma on Sunday and enjoyed the Glen Ellen Village Fair.

I wanted to visit a friend (hi, Laurie) and support her cause.

The weather was beautiful and it was great to stroll around together, munching on fair food, browsing the booths, and appreciating the relaxed, small-town vibe.

I resisted the cotton candy.

Everyone was checking each other out.

There were wonderful, creative items for sale like these bird houses.

Lots of dog and people watching.

A unique dress printed with local scenes.

We passed the giant corn dog booth when we arrived and didn’t stop.  Then we shared some incredible, fresh, mini donuts with a friend (thanks, Shook). Thank goodness we shared them so I didn’t buy a dozen myself.  I didn’t get any pictures of them but a photo would not have done the donuts justice – piping hot and dusted with powdered sugar – it is hard to beat a fresh, hot donut.

Nothing fancy but we had some good dim sum from Dim Sum Charlie’s: BBQ pork buns and dumplings filled with pork and greens with ginger.

Trying on a hat.

Ooh, that’s the right spot.

Unique assemblages of bone, antler and clay at the booth of artist Susan Heeringa-Pieper.

Driftwood, dried pods and other found objects.

Magoo, a Basset Hound/Lab mix next to Lady, a 4-month-old Dachshund pup.  Really adorable!

Somehow we found ourselves back at the Corn Dog booth.  They were stirring a batch of batter.

Hot dogs ready for dunking in cornmeal batter.

Each dog got a a thick coating of batter before a bath in hot oil.

I have never seen a corn dog fryer.  It was fun to watch.

They were really ginormous.

I had to have one.  (Notice my new beaded bracelet – purchased at a booth at the fair)

It was delicious – crunchy golden brown on the outside with tender cornmeal and a good dog in the center, just the right amount of seasoning and French’s yellow mustard for dipping.  I’d say it was one of the best corn dogs I’ve ever had.  The perfect end to our visit to the Glen Ellen Village Fair.

Thanks for stopping.



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2 responses to “Small Town Street Fair

  1. Europe has their specialties, but there is nothing like American fair food. Your pictures make me homesick.

    • It was an awesome corn dog! But to go to a European seasonal festival (I’m thinking Italy, for example) when one particular food is in season and the whole festival is centered on that food…that would be incredible!

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