Eyeball Donuts for Halloween

Ewww! Gross.  A bloody eyeball on a fork.  Isn’t it just the perfect snack for Halloween?   I wish I’d seen these when my nephews were younger because I think they would have loved them.  I had other more complicated recipes in mind but I didn’t have the time or energy to actually try them out.  This one is funny and easy and for the right audience, it’s a winner.

I first saw them here at I Sing in the Kitchen, a fun blog I found that is by a “music obsessed cooking freak”.  Since then I’ve seen them all over the place with many variations.  These are something you assemble rather than cook.

Bloody Eyeballs on a Fork

Adapted from I Sing in the Kitchen


Powdered sugar donut holes or  small donuts (as in photos)


Red Decorating Gel – 1 tube was enough for about 6 eyeballs so get plenty, (or seedless red raspberry jelly in a baggie with the corner snipped off)

Edible black marker (I got a box with 5 colors of edible markers at Jo-Ann’s)

Forks (I used plastic as these were being given away)


Eat a powdered sugar donut.  Or three.

Use edible black marker to draw pupils on M&M’s.

Poke fork into donut hole or small donut.

Squirt a little red gel into center and put the pupil in place.

Draw squiggly lines for veins and a nice bit of blood around the tines of the fork.

Disgusting.  Kids will love them.

Thank you to Ariel for playing along.  I hope your brothers enjoy their treat!

Happy Halloween!


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6 responses to “Eyeball Donuts for Halloween

  1. Those look great! I love the idea of using decorating gel.

    • Thanks! I’m sure they would be yummier with jelly but talk about easy! We were making them for someone who has four brothers and I thought the boys would find them fun. Thanks for stopping by – I love your blog. Happy Halloween!

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  3. These are great! Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to give out to front door trick-or-treaters but, if I remember, next year I could make some for the Halloween party at my church.

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