Copper Foil Tape Leaves

Here is another project using copper foil tape: simple leaf shapes hung on a bare branch.  The leaves would also look great tucked into an autumn wreath for your door or scattered on the table.  I can imagine them used in place of name cards for Thanksgiving (write names on with a Sharpie) and I plan to hang a few on our Christmas tree.

This is very similar to the pumpkin pin here but with a few differences.  If you purchased the tape for the pumpkin pin, you should have plenty left over to make these beautiful leaves.  If you didn’t buy it yet, you just might consider this project and pick up a roll.

In case you missed in in that previous post, this tape is sold in hardware and gardening stores and it is designed to repel slugs and snails.  Making these leaves, in my opinion, is both more lovely and more creative than using the copper tape for its original purpose.


Copper Foil Tape

Card Stock

Leaf Stencil or Pattern about 2 1/2 inches from stem to tip (I used a rubber stamp, stamped onto thin cardboard and cut it out.  You could trace a real leaf or find a leaf image in clip art.)


Pencil (not too sharp)

Glue Pen (optional)

Ultra-Fine Copper or Gold Glitter (optional)

Small Hole Punch (if hanging leaves on branch or attaching to wreath)

Thin Copper or Gold Cord

For Tabletop Decoration:


Black Spray Paint


Foam Brick (such as Oasis for holding floral arrangements)

Dried Black Beans (to cover foam brick and weigh container down)


Start with a piece of card stock just large enough to fit the shape of the leaf.

Cut four strips of foil, two for each side, large enough to cover the card stock.

Peel a corner of the backing paper from the first piece of foil (don’t peel the whole strip off because the foil has a tendency to roll back up and stick to itself), and lay it down, aligning it with the edge of the card stock, peeling the rest of the backing off and pressing to the card stock as you go.

Start the second piece of foil the same way, aligning it with the first piece of foil.

Repeat on the reverse side of the card stock.  You now have a sandwich: foil on either side with card stock in the middle.

Put your leaf pattern down so the seam between the two piece of foil on one side are more or less lined up with the center vein of the leaf.  Use the pencil to carefully trace around the leaf.

Cut out the shape.

Draw veins onto both sides of the leaf with the pencil.

Using a glue pen (I love the 2-way Glue Pen by Stampin’ Up!), go over the veins on one side.

Cover the leaf with glitter.  Tap off excess.

Set aside to dry briefly before doing the back side. (I found it simplest when working on multiple leaves to do all the steps for about 4 leaves at a time)

Repeat glue and glitter on reverse side of leaf.

Punch a small hole at the base of the leaf.  Thread a thin piece of copper or gold cord through the hole and tie a knot.

For the branch:

Rem spray-painted a branch with  black paint for me.  If I did this again I would be more careful about the  branch.  This one would have been have been better if I had cut it down a bit shorter.  It doesn’t have to be painted black but I think it looks more finished.

Put a chunk of foam block such as Oasis into your container.

Push branch into foam block.

Fill container with dried black beans until foam is covered.

Hang leaves from branch.

Enjoy the beautiful fruits of your labor.

Thank you for the visit.


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