Our Advent Calendar

Rem and I used to pick up a Chocolate Advent Calendar every year and take turns opening the little door and getting out the chocolate.  We would get them at Cost Plus and at Trader Joe’s (TJ’s actually does taste like chocolate).  They’re kind of fun but nothing really special.

One year at Safeway I found this cute Advent box!  It was on sale and came with hard candy to hide behind the little doors and some letters spelling out “NOEL” and a few little trees. The first year we went through the month taking turns getting a piece of hard candy or a letter.  But the next year I had a better idea: why didn’t we write little notes for each other?

We write on slips of paper and mention favorite memories of the past year or things we love about the other person.  Each year we take turns with the odd and even numbers and we are sometimes just getting them written and behind the door a day at a time.  The practice has become one of our most cherished Christmas traditions and the sweet little notes are much better than the small, foil-wrapped chocolates.

Another fun way to count the days to Christmas is with simple activities.  Here is a fantastic list of ideas to choose from.  I was inspired to cut out my first paper snowflake in years.

I’ve seen plenty of wonderful, handcrafted calendars.  How about a clothesline of ribbon or string with numbered envelopes or cute (upcycled) baby socks that are outgrown?  If you start saving toilet paper rolls early you can make this, or this or this  for next year. Search for “Advent Calendar DIY” and you will find loads of cute and clever variations on this theme.

If you like the idea but think it’s too late for this year – go ahead and  wait until the weekend.  You can start it a little late and still enjoy counting down the days until Christmas.  You might start a tradition.

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2 responses to “Our Advent Calendar

  1. Mark D. Anderson

    Great post here! I hope to make some sort of calendar for next year to incorporate into my Advent practice of writing poems each day!

  2. You could do kind of a reverse calendar: write your daily poem and make a clothes line of envelopes for each day and put one poem per day in an envelope.

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