Christmas Tree, Part I

Rem and I had a great day Wednesday  We drove up to Petaluma to cut down our Christmas tree.

I put on red and green striped socks in the morning.

We listened to Nat King Cole in the car.

We wore our Santa hats.

We searched for the perfect tree.

We knew it when we found it.

We each had a turn as lumberjack.

Or lumberjill as the case may be.


Li’l Li’l Pup supervised the whole thing.

Some snow would have made this more scenic.  It was about 65 out and sunny.

The tree is tied to the roof and we’re heading home to get the tree in water and start the next stage: lights and decorations!

Thanks for stopping by.


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2 responses to “Christmas Tree, Part I

  1. ann goheen

    That’s where we went every year when the boys were little! Now they live in Petaluma, and they go there

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