Scrunched Tissue Paper Wrapping & Tissue Roses

I recently wrapped a few gifts for a baby shower.  Of course it was late and I didn’t have my camera at hand.  I wasn’t really planning on writing a post about wrapping, but I received some very nice comments on the way the presents were wrapped so I decided to show you how to do it.

This will work best on small to medium boxes, books, wine bottles or mailing tubes.


Colored Tissue Paper (I got a great package of multicolored tissue paper at Toys R Us)

Double-Stick  Tape or Adhesive


Ribbon or Raffia

Think of a drinking straw wrapped in paper.  When you open it you usually just hold on to the straw and push down on the wrapping so the straw pokes out and the paper gets pressed into a crimped or ruched little tube.  This is what you are going to do with this technique only on a larger scale.

In this first example I am wrapping a book.

Take a sheet of tissue paper and loosely wrap it using the whole sheet with the longest side of the paper matching the longest side of the book – the book  and sheet of paper should both be oriented vertically (portrait).

Once you’ve got it loosely wrapped, seal along the whole length of the long edge with double-sided adhesive or double-sided tape.  Fold in and seal one short end of your package.  You want a tube of paper that gives you enough room to scrunch it down around the book (or box) without the edges of the book poking out.

Stand the book on end,  loosely grasp the paper and scrunch it down.

Really crunch it down so the pleats stay in the paper.  Now pull it gently back up enough to cover the end of the book or box and turn the ends in and seal with double-sided adhesive.

Here is the same wrapping done on a box and a wine bottle:

Doesn’t it look kind of like a Japanese paper lantern?

Now to finish the package: a simple ribbon or piece of raffia will keep the crinkled tissue paper in place around the box or book.  Tie the ribbon or raffia around the neck of the wine bottle. I used two colors of raffia and added a tag.

Instead of a bow, how about a few pretty tissue paper roses?

To make a rose, roll a sheet of tissue paper diagonally into a long, thin tube.

Next roll the tube up into a snail or rosette.

Pinch the base together and turn it over and put an “X” of double-sided tape across the bottom to keep it from unrolling.

Some green tissue can folded and cut into a simple leaf shape.

Pinch in the center and tie with a piece of ribbon.

Use ribbon to tie the leaves to the package or adhere with a piece of double-sided tape.  Adhere roses with double-sided tape.

Happy wrapping!

Thanks for the visit.


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5 responses to “Scrunched Tissue Paper Wrapping & Tissue Roses

  1. LOVED this one Di!!! Give me ANYTHING with Paper and I’m happy! Just wish you posted this LAST week, ’cause I had a wine bottle that looked like crap and this wrapping would have been sooo cool!!! Thanks!

    • I really should have gotten my blogging butt in gear and posted stuff weeks ago for Christmas but I’m really a procrastinator. It takes me awhile to get the photos taken than write the post and download the pictures. Not very helpful this close to Christmas but I still have stuff I want to share. I think next year I’ll be re-posting some of this again.

  2. Very pretty, no wonder you had lots of compliments.

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