Chocolate Cherry Mice

Not a creature was stirring except maybe a chocolate cherry mouse.  Or at least the person making Chocolate Cherry Mice.

It isn’t quite time to be nestled all snug in your bed waiting for Santa but it’s getting close.  I meant to do a new batch of these cute cherry-chocolate mousies and get some better photos but it didn’t happen.  So these photos are from the ones I made last year.

They’re still very sweet and even if none of you make chocolate cherry mice this Christmas, I’ll be happy to let these chocolate cuties out into blogland.  Maybe next year I’ll get it together to make a batch a little earlier and take some new pictures sooner.

Chocolate Cherry Mice


Maraschino Cherries with stems for the tails

Chocolate Kisses

Melting Chocolate (I use Guittard Chocolate Apeels or you can get Meltaways or Candymelts at Michaels – match the chocolate of the kisses to the melting chocolate)

Sliced Almonds

Decorating Gel in Black and Pink  (you could also use silver dragees for eyes and noses or dots of melted chocolate.)

Parchment Paper


Drain the cherries and pat them dry with paper towel.

Melt some of the melting chocolate. I use a bowl in the microwave, stirring and checking every 15 to 20 seconds until melted. You can use a double-boiler. A wooden chopstick is my stirrer of choice.

Dip cherries in melted chocolate.  Set dipped cherries down on parchment or waxed paper covered rimmed baking sheet with stems pointing up. Coat stems with chocolate. Let set enough to handle.

Now attach the flat bottom of the dipped cherry with melted chocolate to the flat bottom of a kiss. If at any point your melted chocolate gets to hard, microwave for 10 more seconds and stir.

For stability I like to dab some of the melted chocolate on the bottom of the “body” for a more flat base. Let set.

Find sliced almonds of similar size and break off the pointed end.

Use melted chocolate to glue the almonds onto the back of the head (the kiss). Let set.

If you like, coat the almond with more melted chocolate so your mice are all chocolate. Let set.

If at any point you see cherry juice seepage, just dot some melted chocolate over to seal.

Carefully dot on eyes and nose with decorating gel.

The gel doesn’t set up dry so be careful how you handle your mice.  You can opt to use silver dragees or other tiny candy for eyes and nose or dot on melted dark chocolate for milk chocolate mice and the reverse on dark chocolate mice.

They would look cute on a Yule log or added to a holiday cookie (or cheese) platter.

Now I have to scurry and get some other Christmas projects done.

Thank you for for stopping by.  I appreciate the visit.


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5 responses to “Chocolate Cherry Mice

  1. Those are just too cute! How very clever!

  2. Kim

    They are CUTE… yummy too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Too cute, I bet they are good but I would want to save them, LOL!
    Thank you for sharing and the directions, love it!

    • Thank you. After the effort of making them, I like to see them enjoyed, but I can understand wanting to save them too. We gave some little boxes of treats to neighbors and yesterday one said he wasn’t sure about the mouse! But he tasted it and discovered the cherry and enjoyed it. I hope you make some – maybe a couple of cute chocolate mice for Valentine’s Day?

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