Crayon Wax Paper Hearts

It’s been a long time since I smelled this oh-so-familiar scent: melting crayons.  It is a scent from childhood and it brought back memories: the taste and texture of graham crackers dunked in apple juice, the smell of play-doh, the distinct taste of white paste (you know you tasted it too!).

I think most of us have made wax paper and crayon creations in the past.  Mine have been of the autumn leaf/crayon-shavings variety. These hearts are even more elemental than that.  Layer crayon shavings between two sheets of waxed paper.  Sandwich the waxed paper between sheets of parchment paper (or brown paper shopping bags) to protect the board and iron.  Once they’re cool, trace and cut out hearts in a variety of sizes.  Tape some bakers twine to each heart and hang it in window.  That’s it!

These hearts look so pretty in a window with sunlight shining through them, or hanging in front of a mirror.  I saw the beautiful originals on Pinterest and they’re from Martha Stewart.  Try as I might, I just can’t achieve the same results as Martha.   The ones on her site aren’t blotchy and are more evenly colored.  I think I should have used more crayon shavings.  To be honest, I’m also not going to sew a red silk thread on each heart to hang it up, like Martha did.  Tape and string works fine for me.

Crayon Wax Paper Hearts



Hobby Knife to shave off bits of crayons

Wax Paper

Parchment Paper – Large brown paper bags will also work

Iron & Ironing Board



Scratch Paper  optional: to make heart patterns for cutting

Bakers Twine


Large Heart Shaped Punch (optional)


Set iron to medium-high heat.

Lay a large sheet of parchment paper on ironing board.

Pull out a long length of wax paper and fold it in half.

Fold back the top layer of wax paper and shave crayons onto bottom layer of wax paper. For a more Martha heart, use only one color crayon per heart or colors that are analogous (very close together on a color wheel) and use plenty of shavings. Mine all had several colors of crayon.

Fold the top layer of wax paper back over the shaved bits of crayon.

Carefully clean off any bits of crayon that have dropped onto the ironing board.

Cover wax paper and crayons with another piece of parchment paper.

Iron the layered papers, moving iron constantly.  Keep ironing until all the the wax is melted and spread out.

Let cool.

Trace and cut out different sized hearts.

If desired, punch smaller hearts with a heart-shaped punch.  It works best with the punch if you layer a piece of card stock with the waxed paper before punching.

Cut bakers twine in different lengths and tape to hearts.

Tie lengths of bakers twine with hearts to another piece of bakers twine.

Hang in a window and enjoy the sun coming through the hearts.  I put mine in the window next to my dad’s recliner.

Thanks, as always, for your visit and comments.


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11 responses to “Crayon Wax Paper Hearts

  1. These are beautiful – your own creation and more original than Martha’s. They are such fun. I’ll be having a go at some point, Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, I appreciate that. I remembered seeing hers and I used the idea but when I looked back at the site (after I’d done mine) I saw how intense and rich the colors were. I will say that I had a little trouble getting a good picture of mine but it helps to think they are more creative. It is an easy and fun project. I hope you decide to make some.

  2. Thanks for a new idea for Valentine decor. With Pinterest and every other DIY type, I have seen much of the same things over and over. This is different and versatile and my boys can help! Thanks again!

    • Thank YOU. After posting this I saw a suggestion to use a vegetable peeler for shaving the crayons. You might give that a try. I’d love to hear back if you do it.

      • I was thinking of using their pencil sharpener for the shavings, that way they can do most of it with only my supervision. Leaving the heat for the help 🙂

      • Martha’s site suggested a pencil sharpener. I tried two on crayons that had been stripped of their paper wrapper and neither sharpener worked. But if you can find one that works for you, it’s a wonderful idea. Let me know if you get it to work!

  3. Tracy

    I remember melting crayons in wax paper for bookmarks as a kid. Love the smell!
    And so glad you made it for your dad’s window. Beautiful!

    • I don’t know if I ever made bookmarks this way but I love the idea! The wax paper and melted crayon become something a little new and the color is so rich. Dad has a dark red leather recliner and the hearts look great in the window next to his chair.

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