Happy Blog-Anniversary to Me!

Today is my one year blog anniversary!  I have a special anniversary request to everyone reading this: if you really want to make my day, post a comment and say hi or let me know where you are or something about you. That would be really be fantastic!

My other request is for those of you who receive this in an email:  please click on the site.  Even if you don’t feel like posting a comment I would love to see the stats for EVERYONE who reads this post.  I love looking at my stats and seeing how many people are reading my posts, which posts are popular and what people click on. But I’ve learned that the stats don’t count those of you that read the post in your email, and I don’t want to miss any of you.

Last year on January 16th I hit “publish” on my very first post.  Since then I’ve published 118 posts! More than I could have imagined.  The positive response has been tremendous and I find every aspect of blogging very satisfying.  Coming up with things I want to blog about, researching ideas, trying out crafts and recipes, taking pictures, writing about it and editing my posts and choosing the photos to illustrate it.  It is truly craft therapy for me.

The picture at the top of this post is a birthday candle in a celebratory Coffee Cake in a Coffee Mug – much like one of my earliest posts: Brownie in a Mug.  I’ll be posting my version of the recipe soon.  In the meantime, here is link to the recipe that I adapted.

Speaking of statistics, here are my top five most-viewed posts from the last year, starting with the fifth:

Art From The Heart. This post celebrates some of the handcrafted Valentine projects Rem and I make for each other.

Day 22: Fabric Covered Notebooks.  During 30 Days of Creativity in June I covered some notebooks with fabric and fusible webbing.

Mother’s Day Hat Card.  A hat-shaped card with swirled paper roses is very pretty and a bit different.

Marbleized Paper with Shaving Cream.  This technique is lots of fun and has really beautiful results.  It continues to get hits thanks to Pinterest.

Sunprint-Paper & Packing Tape Transfers on Decoupage Boxes. I was so excited when WordPress featured my blog with this post on their homepage Freshly Pressed. It generated TONS of traffic from all over the world, lots of comments and a bunch of new subscribers.

Ta da!

I also take pictures and work on things that ultimately don’t make it into a blog.  Some still might in a future post.

Here are a few pictures that haven’t made it into a post:

I’ve got loads of ideas and look forward to a new year of blogging.

Thanks for reading, your support means a lot to me.


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24 responses to “Happy Blog-Anniversary to Me!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you! Happy Anniversary to you! Happy Anniversary dear Dianne Faw’s Blog. Happy Anniversary to you! 🙂

  2. eileen

    Happy Birthday you beautiful blogger. Love your photos and the way you tell your stories.

  3. Margaret

    Congratulations, Dianne! I always enjoy seeing your creations and love crafting with you.

  4. Sharon

    Congratulations on your 1 year of blogging. I really enjoy your virtual feast of craft ideas and recipes. I know how creating can be such therapy too!

  5. Rem

    Congratulations on an excellent year of blogging! I wish you many more years of fun blogging and great creativity!

  6. Mom

    Congratulations! I read and love every post!

  7. You are always inspiring. Love what you are doing for Valentine’s day. It makes me want to celebrate. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Congratulations on your first year of bloging. You seem like a pro, I’m floored that it’s only one year. Keep up the good work.

  8. Delurking here to wish you a Happy Blogiversary
    The photo in my blog feed really struck me. I love working with paper, stamps and ink also.
    Love your pictures and crafts.

  9. Wayside Artist

    One year of blogging! That’s great. You have a fun, informative blog with projects and foods I want to try, well written and great photographs. May you continue to be inspired and share your ideas with us for many more years!

  10. ann goheen

    A year already!

  11. Jean

    i love your blog dianne! cannot wait for more ideas from your crafty brain. thank you for keeping our creative juices flowing!

  12. Tracy

    Congrats, Dianne! I love seeing your work, love reading your reflections and love calling you friend!

    (p.s.-is that fried okra in one of those pics? How did you ever get hold of a southern thing like that?)

    • Yup! Corn cakes with sliced tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market, bacon and fried okra. We had friend okra in one of my friend Tom’s summer cooking classes and I had to make it at home. What a delicious meal!

  13. Happy Blog Anniversary 🙂 Yay! So exciting! And thank you for your sweet comments about my blog and the Valentine Card 🙂

  14. Dianne…I’ve known you for a long time (we won’t say exactly how many years! It’s a lot!)…I’ve so enjoyed seeing your personality and love – for crafting and cooking and the people in your life – come through so vibrantly in your blog. Thank you for sharing yourself.
    Much love,

  15. Becky

    Yay Dianne! Love reading your blog. You know you are my favorite creative goddess. Keep on blogging…

  16. Nicole

    Congrats and keep the good crafting coming!

  17. jharader

    I guess I’m a day late, but happy anniversary. I love all of your crafty creativity. And your photos are beautiful. Happy blogging!

  18. Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments. I really feel as if I’m crafting and cooking with you and just chatting away while we let the creativity flow. Your feedback and support is much appreciated.

  19. Clare Borries

    Happy anniversary! Your blog is wonderful and so are you!

  20. Kim

    A little slow getting to your post. Congrats! Love your blog and all of the wonderful ideas! Please keep them coming.

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