Awesome Valentine Project

My friend Eileen received this awesome Valentine from her husband, Dan, a few years ago.  It is a heart-shaped box made of vinyl.

Did I mention that Dan made it himself?  He does custom car upholstery and he created this wonderful see-through box out of vinyl, piped in red, complete with zippers.  I love it!  It even has little locks on it.

The card inside is pretty adorable too.  A picture of a dog with the caption: “I know I’m just a mutt. Could I be yours?”  Awww.

Dan: I salute your creativity and craftsmanship!

Even their kitty, Jakey, admired the work that went into this Valentine.

Let your creativity shine!

Thanks for stopping by.


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3 responses to “Awesome Valentine Project

  1. eileen

    Wow. “Made the cut” Dan said. I love it Dianne. You celebrate creativity of all kinds. The box is sitting on our bookshelf reminding me of that romantic side of Dan. Thanks for the celebration of such a nice valentine I once received.

  2. You always amaze. For that reason I have given you the Awesome Content Award! Details here:

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