Take What You Need

I saw a flyer like this on Jean Steel’s Facebook page, Happy People Win Jean Steel.  After doing a little search, I found another Facebook page called Take What You Need Project. I really loved the idea and decided to make a handful of flyers and post them around the campus where I work.

It’s pretty simple: Make a sign.  Put it up. Take a photo. Go back later and take more photos. Share.

I made the Take What You Need part on my computer, printed it out and then wrote the needs along the bottom with a big Sharpie. I cut the bottom into strips for easy tearing off.  Then I took a walk and posted flyers in different places.

I like how this one looks amongst the other flyers. This kiosk has layers and layers of flyers.

This one is on an indoor office window.

I put one up on an outdoor column and when I came out of the building 15 minutes later, I found someone had already taken one of the needs!

They took what they needed: Love.

It is in a high-traffic spot.  I went back later in the day and more needs had been taken.

I was delighted to find people had been taking the things they needed!

Another location was getting some attention.  Someone had taken Faith and Hope.

This morning I went back to the popular one.

Everything was taken!  I’ll put up a replacement tomorrow.

I will be looking for new places to post flyers off campus.  Maybe on a telephone pole near my apartment .  I’m also trying to decide which needs to include, so I’m switching them around a bit.

I’ve made some special additions of the flyers for Valentine’s Day with hearts on pink paper.  I’ll put a batch of those up some time next week.

All the needs are Love.  Love is all you need.

Take what you need.  Share what you have.

Update:  I saw this note on one of the flyers.  It made me smile.

Thanks for stopping by.


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7 responses to “Take What You Need

  1. What an awesome idea! Great job on the posters, too. 🙂

  2. Kim

    I Love it! Simple and fun. I will definately try this one!

  3. Kathleen Faw

    Love this! Think I’ll put some up at school too.

  4. I said it was simple and of course you can skip the photo part – that was so I could share it. If you do take a photo, I would love to share it here. I encourage everyone to give it a try.

  5. Becky

    What a cool thing to do on campus. I love it!

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