Art From The Heart II

Last February I wrote a post about the tradition my boyfriend and I have of crafting a special Valentine item for each other. It is our Art from the Heart and this year we did it again.  There was some talk about discontinuing the practice or taking a break but we both came up with something wonderful.

I used a heart-shaped map idea after a card I saw on Pinterest.  I found a wooden heart at Michael’s, printed out a map of the world and decoupaged the map to the heart. I crafted a small banner proclaiming “You Mean the World to Me”, added a tiny heart sticker showing where we live and it was done. One of the easier projects I’ve done, and with a high satisfaction ratio.

Rem said he likes the Heart Map because he has traveled a lot and likes geography – he called it a perfect fit!  I gave him a bracelet for Christmas that has the longitude and latitude of our home and this goes hand in hand with that idea.

Several years ago Rem found the heart-shaped container that he used in this project.  He’s not even sure where he got it.  He wanted to fill it with hearts punched out of aluminum but the thin sheets of aluminum he had in mind were no longer available at Michael’s.  He looked around and found small bags of metallic confetti in the shape of x’s and o’s or hugs and kisses.

The container, a plump, plastic heart with a red base and clear top was stuffed full of the confetti, 70 hearts that he punched out of pink paper and 14 silver hearts punched from the one remaining aluminum sheet he’d been saving.  The 14 silver hearts represent February 14th. The 70 pink ones?  He punched until he had a big pile and called it done!

Rem said he was lacking inspiration this year and decided it was time to use this cute container.  The biggest challenge was figuring out what to fill the heart with.

It reminds me of a cartoon heart when you see a character falling in love and a heart shape thumps forward out of their chest.  It is packed full of hearts, hugs and kisses and looks like a celebration waiting to happen. I love it!

These two sweet hearts, marked on the back with the year, will be installed in our little Art from the Heart galleries, the walls of our bedroom, with mine to him on his side of the bed and his to me on my side.

The heart at the beginning of the post is from the tree trunk Valentine I made for Rem last year.

Thanks for stopping by.


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6 responses to “Art From The Heart II

  1. Awww! I love the handmade gift idea! Love it.

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