Heart Strings Mobile

My friend just had surgery and I wanted to give her something nice to look at during her recovery.  I love looking at the Heart Strings I made and so decided to try making them for her as a mobile.

I found a large wooden embroidery hoop at Joann and used it as the structure to which I attached the heart strings.

I was working on it at my parents house and found the lamp shade on a floor lamp was a good base to work on.  I set the wooden hoop on top of the lamp shade and tied the strings around it letting them hang down.  Later I hung it over their dining room table.

I knotted the strings to the hoop and dabbed glue on the knots after trimming off the end of the string. More strings tied to the hoop were used to hang the mobile, pulled together into a knot at the top.  To be honest, it didn’t hang perfectly even but I was satisfied with it.

I took it to my friend and she was delighted with it.  She said it cheers her up.  Her husband hung it right in front of a mirror so she gets to see it twice. As we visited, the hearts moved in a slight breeze from her open window, twisting and fluttering.

Speedy recovery to you, Princess!

Thanks for stopping by.


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8 responses to “Heart Strings Mobile

  1. A very thoughtful gift. Great idea too…

  2. eileen

    The heart strings greated me this morning, and I smiled. Soon I will be able to laugh with my mouth open, but in the meantime- thanks again for the beautiful gift.

  3. Wayside Artist

    This is very sweet and not so hard to do. Dianne, I also like your new header. It’s making me hungry for FRESH vegetables. 🙂

    • Not hard at all and I really love how it turned out. Thanks for noticing the change in the header. I like to change it every so often and I’d been at the Farmer’s Market so used a picture from that. I’m eating loads of fresh greens!

  4. Jean Riutta

    This is a great idea!! I want to make a mobile for the Sorin’s room and thing I wanted to use looks so droopy once I attached the cards, but I think your use of the embroidery loop will be stronger. Thank you!!

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