Itty Bitty Banners for Cards

I’ve been making these little banners and using them on a few cards lately.  I also used one in my Valentine Project for Rem.

This style of banner is right out of my doodle repertoire and reminds me of 7th grade and Pee Chee folders.  They are reminiscent of a tattoo design and make a great little embellishment on a card.


Heavy Watercolor Paper or Card Stock

Sharpie Markers

Colored Markers, optional

Diamond Glaze, or Crystal Effects (from Stampin’ Up!) or other dimensional adhesive


Gold Marker or Paint Pen, optional


Glue Dots

Note: I usually write out the greetings with Sharpie Markers.  You can also use Small Alphabet Stamps and stamp the greeting with Permanent Black Ink as I did in the Valentine banner.


Using a thin, black Sharpie, draw a curved line on your paper.  Move your pen steadily, not too fast or slow.

In this example I had a wash of color on the left side of the paper, but it is not necessary.

Carefully write your greeting under the line using all caps.  Follow the curve of the line.

Now put a line underneath the writing that follows the curve of the first line and connect the top and bottom lines, enclosing the greeting.

Following the picture, add the little tails of the banner.  On one end I put lines above the main banner and at the other end I put the lines below.

Again, following the picture, connect the lines to complete the banner.  Each end has a sideways V and be sure to put the connecting line to the corner of the banner on each end which adds dimension visually.

I like to put a bright color on that little triangle bit that is the back of the banner, and I usually use a light colored marker to put color on each end of the banner.  This also helps to pop the main greeting forward.

Cut the banner out.  If desired you can outline the banner in gold with a thin, gold pen, or color the edge of the paper with gold.

You can use it just like this…

…or add the hard, glossy finish achieved with Diamond Glaze.

Put the banner on some scratch paper.  I make a few and add the glaze to a batch all at once.  Squeeze the first bit of glaze onto the scratch paper so you don’t get bubbles on your banner.  Squeeze out a layer of glaze onto the banner.

Toothpicks can be very helpful both in holding down the little banner and carefully spreading the glaze.  Be sure the glaze completely covers the banner all the way to the edge.

The glaze is cloudy when it is wet but will dry clear with a thick, glassy finish.

Once banner is dry, use glue dots to adhere it to your card.

Coming soon: a Shamrock Card with an Itty Bitty Banner.

Thanks for your visit.


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6 responses to “Itty Bitty Banners for Cards

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  2. Jean

    I need to try that technique, thanks D!!

    • You are welcome, Jean. Thanks for the comment. You KNOW I’d LOVE to have a craft night with you and Carson and we could all do it together. Please try it in my absence and show me the results.

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