Lucky Shamrock Card

This card uses two design components: paper strip hearts and itty bitty banners. I wrote  about the hearts in my very first craft post last year.  My friend Margaret came up with the idea and I love how it looks .  I’ve used it in many cards since she first showed me how.

For this card I put four little paper-strip-hearts together to form a shamrock, add a stem and a self-adhesive jewel embellishment, layer it onto orange and green paper and top it off with a greeting on an itty bitty banner.


8 1/2 ” x 5 1/2 ” bright green card stock, folded in half

5 3/4″ x 3 7/8″ darker green card stock

4 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ orange patterned paper (or other paper to layer on front of card)

thin scrap paper – as a base for your paper strips

green patterned paper – Double-sided paper is nice because it gives you two designs in one piece

paper trimmer

double-sided adhesive – I love Tombow permanent mono adhesive


heart-shaped punch – the one used here is about 1 1/8 inches across

self-adhesive jewel embellishment, optional

small glue dots

itty bitty banner greeting or rubber stamp and ink for greeting


Cut the green patterned paper into thin strips using your paper trimmer.

Cover the scrap paper with adhesive.

Use the strips to cover the scrap paper completely making sure each strip is touching the next.

Trim the edges – this isn’t just being fussy but to make it easier to get the heart-shaped punch right up where you want it.

Hold the strip-covered paper and slide the heart punch onto it with the open side facing you so you can see exactly where you are punching.

Punch four hearts.

Assemble the card: layer the orange patterned paper onto the darker green card stock and layer that onto the bright green card front.

Adhere the four green hearts together to form a shamrock. Cut a stem from a scrap of patterned green paper and adhere it to the front of the card.

Add a self-adhesive jewel to the center of the shamrock.

Use small glue dots to adhere itty bitty banner (see this post for directions) with greeting above shamrock.

As always, stamp and sign or initial the back of the card to identify it as your handmade creation and pass it to a lucky recipient.

Here is another project using the paper-strip-hearts.  Cover two rectangles with paper strips in two different color.  In this example I used purple and green.

Punch a heart (this one is 1 5/8 inches across) out of each rectangle, centering it.  Switch the hearts.

Now you have the makings for two beautiful, intricate cards with this patchwork design.

Layer the paper-strip background with the paper-strip heart onto colored card stock and layer that onto your card.  Add an itty bitty banner greeting and other embellishments as desired.


Thank you for stopping by.


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8 responses to “Lucky Shamrock Card

  1. Very creative Dianne! I love how the stripes turned out. A lot of work it looks like, but really worth the result.

  2. Faith in me jaber…you’re a clever one. Love the look of the shamrock with the cool banner!

  3. Dianne, This week at craft night we are doing a “scraps” theme and this card is perfect for some scrap inspiration. I love the little banners, so cute! Oh and this morning Robin was complimenting me heavily on a sweet little box I had, thinking I had made it. I had to tell her it was yours! You have fans here in WA!

    • Those gaming guys need to figure out how to teleport me to craft night! I’m glad my card has provided inspiration and I want to see what you make. Maybe you’ll make a birthday card!! 😉 Glad Robin liked the box I made. Hope she still liked it when she learned you didn’t make it…

  4. Alexi

    I suggest that when you make the second project (the purple and green one), you make the stripes face different ways. It adds some contrast. Otherwise, it is amazing!

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