Washi Tape Easter Eggs


Blue Print Wshi Tape Egg

I wanted to do something with washi tape*.  Easter is a week away.  So – I made these super-easy washi tape Easter eggs!
*Washi tape: Originally Japanese tissue or paper tape. It is like masking tape: a thin, often semi-transparent, easy-to-tear paper tape. Washi comes from Japanese words meaning “Japanese” and “paper”.  It describes paper made by hand in a traditional manner.  It has become popular with crafters in the last year or two and is now made in other places but still goes by the name washi tape.  It comes in different widths, pretty colors and many patterns.

Washi Tape Easter Egg


Blown Eggs  I used brown eggs.  The tape is somewhat translucent so the color of the egg will show through.

Long Needle and String or Thread

Beads (optional)

Washi Tape Available at many craft stores and online – I got mine on Etsy at Pretty Tape


If you want to hang your egg, you need to put a loop of string or thread through the egg.

Use long needle to  thread a piece of string or thread through your egg and make a loop so you can hang it up.  Alternative method: after egg is decorated use hot glue to attach a loop of ribbon or string to egg.  (Note: I forgot to put the string on my first egg until after I’d already started putting on the washi tape so I simply put the needle through the tape that covered the holes where the egg had been blown).

I didn’t do it for these eggs but a bead or two at the bottom of the egg is a nice way to finish off the string for hanging. UPDATE: I had so much fun doing these eggs I added one more to the photos and it has a bead at the bottom.

Tear small pieces of washi tape. It tears easily and can be repositioned.

Starting at the top of the egg, cover the egg with the pieces of tape, overlapping as you go.

The roll of washi tape makes a handy holder.

Turn egg as you continue to tear off pieces of tape and cover the egg.  Smaller pieces at the ends helps to minimize wrinkles.  You can smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers as you go.  The pieces can be a little larger on the sides of the egg .

You can see that the brown of the eggshell shows through the thin, paper tape.

If you didn’t put a loop of string through the egg yet, you want to do that before you finish with the tape.

A bit of tape across the hole where the ends of the string come out helps keep the string in place.

Tie a knot in the string and trim the ends.

Finish covering the egg with pieces of washi tape.

Here are a few others done with different tape:

I just added another picture.  I was enjoying making these eggs and they go together so quickly I decided to do one with a bead at the bottom.  The pretty magenta washi tape has a lace design and I use a thin band of turquoise washi tape around the middle.

Here is a good tutorial on how to blow eggs.  In the tutorial they show different tools (straw, syringe) for blowing the egg out of the shell.  I’ve always done it without a tool, just holding the egg over a bowl, putting my lips over the hole and blowing steadily.  Whatever works for you!  I do like the suggestion to dry the blown eggs in the microwave or oven.  I’ll try that next time.

Finished eggs can be displayed on a branch, an ornament tree, a grapevine wreath or just about anywhere.

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6 responses to “Washi Tape Easter Eggs

  1. Did you blow your own eggs? I love the look and love that you did a washi tape tutorial, this stuff is so versatile. Thanks for another great idea!

    • I did blow my own eggs. Thank you – it was my very first washi tape project and in fact the first project at my new desk. I’m working on another Easter egg project that is a little more involved.

  2. Crazy good! And impressive that you blew your own eggs!

    • Hey, glad you like them. I’ve been blowing eggs for ages and I don’t find it hard – the greater challenge is using up the contents. I’ve got a few posts coming on recipes using eggs…

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