Big Craft Clean-Up Part II

Here is a quick update on my Big Craft Clean Up.  I picked up the shelf unit  (or “9 cube organizer”) from Target that I wanted and Rem and I assembled it.  I also bought three black fabric bin/drawers and two square baskets to hold (and hide) some of our stuff and keep it neat.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized the baskets were the same style as the large one that holds my printed paper!

Some of our collection of candles and candle holders look nice on their own shelves.  A few books on a shelf help disguise the DSL modem. A pretty celadon green plate from Cost Plus World Market with a cluster of IKEA candles amid polished black stones sits up on top of the shelves along with a wine rack.  Other things including more candles, matches, and barbecue tools  are tucked away.

It is such an improvement!

From this:

To this:

I like how it is aligned along the wall under the counter.  A beautiful photograph from a friend looks great on the wall above the shelves and the whole area is much less cluttered looking.

I am really loving my new desk and having things organized and accessible.  In the past when I would get around to cleaning it all up and putting my supplies away I would avoid crafting for awhile because I didn’t want to make a mess again after all the effort. Now it is so easy to use the things I need in nearly every project, like scissors and adhesive, then slip them back into their drawers and neat little organized trays. The dining table remains a table for dining and the whole room is more calm and peaceful. What a pleasure.

Thanks for the visit.


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4 responses to “Big Craft Clean-Up Part II

  1. When I see those nearly empty cubby holes, all I can see in my mind’s eye is the Scrapbook Territory calling out to you. Listen to the call Dianne!

    • Oh, I’ve heard and responded! Margaret and I went the weekend before Easter and I have restocked beautiful printed papers. That BIG basket next to the little cubbies has paper it it. I also got some great ribbon and other stuff that I can’t remember at the moment. I’ll be getting to some more crafting soon. I so love my desk!

  2. The shelf and baskets look great together. you got me thinking about baskets and I think I could benefit with something like that to hold all the little loose stuff that’s always falling all over the place. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I’m very pleased with how this gave me places to put stuff that I don’t really want to look at all the time and to highlight other stuff. I’m glad to know you are inspired!

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