Mother’s Day Roundup

A great picture of my mom with my sister and I taken over 50 years ago. I’m in the middle.

Mom, Mother, Mommy, Mama, Ma, Anne, Mutter, Maji, Mai, Emak, Mamma.

Whatever you call your mother,  here are a few ideas for ways to express your love and gratitude this Mother’s Day. (Click the links to get directions.)  Scroll back to my most recent posts to see the Mother’s Day Butterfly Card and Jewel Box Envelope and Card.

Here is a very pretty Mother’s Day Hat card  with swirled paper roses from last year.

Heart Strings – sweet strings of hearts cut from old books and sheet music.

Muffin Cup Quiche would be nice for brunch or breakfast in bed.

How about a nice picture  of you in this Rolled Page Picture Frame?

This sweetheart was born last year on Mother’s Day. Happy Birthday, Manek!

A favorite poem or song can be enhanced with this Doodle Heart Background.  If you can doodle, you can do this project!

A jar of this delicious, dark, buttery Caramel Sauce to put over ice cream (or pound cake or crepes or in a spoon) would be a sweet gift.

Finally, how about making the Russian Nesting Dolls (Matryoshka) card set?  With a mama doll card holding a pocket of smaller dolls, this set is made for Mother’s Day!

Whatever you make, I hope you make it a good one for your mother.

Now eat your vegetables …and thanks for stopping by.


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2 responses to “Mother’s Day Roundup

  1. Lots of fab ideas. Love the picture frame. tfs.
    Regards Florence x

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