30 Days of Creativity 2012…Coming Soon

30 Days of Creativity is coming and I’ve decided to participate again.  It was a wonderful experience last year.  It was also a challenge.  Could I get something made?  Every day?   The idea is simple: create stuff, anything, everyday, for 30 days.  Of course you also want to post what you create so you can share it and it does take time.

So I’ve decided the best way to approach it this year is with more planning.  I’ve started a list of projects that I hope to tackle.  I’m making sure I have supplies on hand. And if a project is something that I can’t finish in one day (or fraction of a day because, after all, I will still be doing everything else that I normally do, like going to work), I will count the partial project as one day and the finished project as another.

You can do it too.  Here is their site: http://30daysofcreativity.com/

Wish me luck!  Thanks for the visit.


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10 responses to “30 Days of Creativity 2012…Coming Soon

  1. violetannie63

    I’m going to try doing it too, this year…it may last only 30 seconds instead of 30 days but you have to start somewhere, right? Good Luck with your 30! 🙂

    • I found it a wonderful escape last year. I think it’s great you are going to give it a try. Nothing says the projects have to be fancy or elaborate! Good luck to you too!

  2. Alexi

    I am going to try 30 Days of Creativity this year! I have my own blog, and I will (hopefully) remember to post everyday!

  3. jharader

    Good Luck to you! I’m thinking about doing this. I have a vacation scheduled the end of June–so I’d have to be really committed and creative to pull it off.

    • It would be challenge on vacation but think of it this way – you’d have more time on vacation to create cool things! If you are traveling, would you have internet access so you could post projects? Good luck to you too. I hope you do it!

    • Another idea is just to start early because then you could be done before your vacation.

      • jharader

        Thanks for the encouragement. I am starting today! That will let me finish before I leave for vacation. My 7-year-old wants to try it to.

      • Yay for 30 days of creativity and 7-year-olds! If you haven’t yet, be sure and look back in my posts from last June. Some things you can consider are creative recipes! Creative doodling. I will be checking out your progress!

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