Tiny image of a crescent is to the right of the arrow.

We saw the eclipse tonight – well, as none of us had welding glasses or other appropriate eclipse-viewing gear, what we saw was the projected image of the sun partially blocked by the moon.

Witnessing the alignment of three celestial bodies (Sun,Moon & Earth) was pretty cool.

It was a busy day of running errands and I hadn’t really made any plans but as the time got close, Rem found some information on pinhole viewing on the Exploratorium’s website.  We went for the quick and easy directions: one piece of card stock with a square cut out of it.  A piece of foil taped over the square and a pinhole poked in the foil.  That was our projector.  A piece of white card stock was our screen.

Easy peasy.

It was windy out and we learned it was easier to use card stock with the pinhole and project the image onto a wall.

Can you see the crescent?

Even easier was the suggestion to align your fingers in a crosshatch pattern and look at the light coming through the resulting pinholes.

You can see blurry little crescents formed as the semi-blocked sunlight shines through my fingers onto a wall.

Our little science moment!  It was fun, it was interesting and we were talking with our neighbors, a nice benefit.

The site also mentioned looking at light coming through tree leaves.  We first noticed this on the sidewalk but then our attention was caught by the play of light and shadow on a wall across the street.

Not a dramatic “ring of fire” photo, but as the moon and sun got into alignment and the sky darkened, it was pretty cool to view this natural phenomena.

What was your eclipse experience?

Thanks for stopping by.

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