Day 2: DIY Cake Stand

I think I first saw DIY cake stands on Pinterest.  Since I want to make it through the 30DoC project without making myself or any one else crazy, I did a lot of looking and planning of potential projects. I saw these here, at Sarah Ortega and they looked pretty easy.  They went on my big list.

I love tiered plates and this appealed to me: upcycle old plates or shallow bowls (from your existing collection or in my case, a thrift shop) and glue them to a base (sturdy candle holder, small vase or cup). I’ve seen some where the whole thing is spray-painted after it is put together.  I will probably do that as stage two for one of these because I don’t really like the pattern on it, but two of them I like fine as is!

After browsing the fancy section of a local thrift store,  I picked up two plates, one shallow bowl, a candle holder, a footed bowl and a goblet off the shelves of the regular stuff.

Everything was 40% off that day and the higher priced items were $1.99. Yay.  It would be a good idea to look at the bottom of your plates to see if they have a ring on the base or bottom that will work with whatever item you are using as the stand.  I didn’t do that and it all worked out, but it’s still a good idea.

I took off the stickers and gave everything a scrub and once they were dry I got out my adhesive for the project, E-6000.

At first I was using a popsicle stick to put the adhesive on the backs of the plates, but after a few minutes I realized it was easier to just squeeze a bead of glue down directly on the items.

Stick the base (candlestick, goblet, vase – whatever you are using) down into the adhesive and set a few books on top to weigh it down for a few hours or overnight.

What books do I have close at hand? The San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market Cook Book.

Food Lover’s Companion (4th Edition) – a favorite.

The Commonsense Kitchen which is loaded with information.  Weighty indeed.

That’s it.  If I get one spray painted during June I will post it as another project on 30DoC.

I love this groovy blue and green patterned plate.  It reminds me of the blue and green bedroom my sister and I shared in the 70’s.

Day 2 last year, Embossed Tins.

Thank you for checking out my project for Day 2!


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4 responses to “Day 2: DIY Cake Stand

  1. how pretty! I love coming here and seeing what you come up with next 🙂

    • This is a good month to do it because I’m planning on creating something every day! Some days will be much simpler than others. Thanks for the nice comment!

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