Day 5: Tape Dispenser Before & After

I saw this, where else, on Pinterest.  I knew I would need some quick and easy projects for 30DoC and this is exactly that: quick and easy!  Helena on Craft and Creativity did it beautifully and, by the way, has a wonderful site that you should check out.

Tape Dispenser Before

Tape Dispenser During

Tape Dispenser After

Day 5 project from 2011: Shrinky Dink Rings.

Have a great day and thanks for making my blog a part of it.


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10 responses to “Day 5: Tape Dispenser Before & After

  1. julia christine stephen

    Never thought of that, very cute 🙂

  2. Whoa . . . so easy and cute!!!

    • Thanks! It is super easy and I think almost anyone could find one of these tape dispensers at home and a piece of decorative paper. I used scrapbooking paper, but how would it look with a piece of a map? Or wrapping paper? Or brown paper bag?

  3. j. robert

    Wow! Simple but very cool!

    On Plaid Day, you can put the original label back in :-}

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    • Thanks for the link. I love this little project and even bought a few more tape dispensers to do because I’d made-over all the ones I could find in the house!

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