Day 9: Glass Tile Pendants

This is a wonderful project for anyone who has beautiful paper and wants another way to use it.  Of course it only uses small amounts but that’s ok.

This is yet another creation I originally saw on Pinterest.  I followed the link to a great site, Simply Modern Mom, read the tutorial and purchased supplies on Etsy from Sun and Moon Craft Kits: the glass tiles, silver bails (little loops for hanging) and the ball chains in different colors.

It was easy, inexpensive and fun.  I already had Diamond Glaze, paper, E6000 adhesive and all the paper I could possibly need.  Until I see something else that I want.

The glass tiles are 1 inch in size and have slightly rounded corners so trim the paper just a little smaller and round the corners.

Tiffany at Simply Modern Mom uses toothpicks but I found I worked best just using my finger to apply the Diamond Glaze.  I did use a fair amount of paper towel and I had to go to the sink to wash my hands every few minutes.

Spread a bit of Diamond Glaze on the back of a glass tile.  Put your trimmed paper onto the glaze, making sure the surface you want showing goes face down on the glass.  Press the tile down on a nonstick surface (I have a little pad for using with a hot melt glue gun, but wax paper was suggested by Simply Modern Mom and I imagine parchment paper would also work) with the paper side down.  This will press the paper to the glass and smoosh out any excess Diamond Glaze.

Quickly wipe excess glaze off the edge of the tile.  I took the corner of a wet paper towel and carefully wiped off the sticky edges of the tile that inevitably resulted.

It sets fairly quickly but isn’t really dry yet.  Now you want to protect the paper with a layer of Diamond Glaze to cover it including the edges. If the paper you are using is thin or has a lot of texture you may want to put a layer of another, sturdier paper over the thin paper or yet another layer of glaze over the textured paper.

One the glaze is dry, you can attach the bail with the E6000 adhesive.  Check the front of the pendant so you are sure to put the loop at the top so the pendant hangs correctly.

Once it has dried, your pendant is done and can be strung on a ball chain, cord, ribbon or other necklace.

In the one pictured below I made a tiny little collage of purple paper, a flower rubber stamped image, and some vintage sheet music.

The other one is a beautiful little scrap of origami paper.

This is a little messy but the tiles are small so it is small-scale mess.  Glue on your fingers probably means you are being creative!

Day 9 last year: Pink Glass Earrings.  Is Day 9 the day for glass? Interesting.

As always, I appreciate your visit.


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10 responses to “Day 9: Glass Tile Pendants

  1. These are lovely Dianne.
    Regards Florence x

    • Thank you, Florence. The little piece of glass make these feel cool and summery to me. I finished putting bails on several more this morning so I added one more photo.

  2. meggeth12

    Love them, will definitely give those a go!

  3. Lovely . . . I’m pinning! 🙂

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