Day 11: Button Rings

Today I wanted fast and easy.  This was a little fussier than I’d hoped, but it was fairly fast and pretty easy.

I have two button rings that I enjoy wearing .  Sometimes just one little ring can make me feel as if my whole outfit is pulled together.

Both are made from unique, old buttons.  The black button ring was made for my big fingers with a wrapped wire base and the white button is on a bendable size-to-fit base.  But because my fingers are not a size 7 or 8, the white one doesn’t get worn as often because…well, it doesn’t really fit!  After awhile it starts to pinch.

Last summer I did a project with wire.  The memory of that project was enough to convince me that I didn’t want to attempt a wire button ring.  So I found some ring bases to try.  They’re different that the bendable one on the white button ring but I have a feeling I’ll have the same problem.   I think they will make cute gifts or maybe I’ll do a Button Ring giveaway!

I ordered the ring blanks of Etsy and raided my moms button box for interesting buttons.  That was so fun, I went to Jo-ann Fabric and Crafts and bought some more buttons.

Some of the buttons have shanks on the back but I just snipped them off with some trusty nippers.

I also had to adapt some of the ring bases to work with the different buttons.  They had a little rim around the disc on the top of the ring.  For some buttons that was fine but others didn’t fit inside the rim so I cut it off,  cutting through the edge with the nippers than using sturdy scissors to cut it all the way off.  I use a sanding block to smooth the cut edge and than sanded the top of the ring base to rough it up a little, all the better for gluing.

Finally, it was a matter of my good ol’ E6000 adhesive.  It’s a little stinky so be sure to work in a well-ventilated space. I squeeze out a small pea-sized dab on a piece of scrap paper because it starts to set up and I don’t want to waste it.  Then I use a toothpick to apply it to the top of the ring base and the back of the button.  I found it worked best if I let them set up a bit before pressing together.  Any smaller buttons were added in the same way.

The picture of this turquoise Flower Power ring didn’t quite capture the pink color of the center button, but it does show how cute a button ring can be.

This heavy coat button with pearl beads is a true knuckle duster.  I think it would even fit the trendy title of “statement ring”.

These three started as pretty buttons but really look finished when second button is added.

Now if only I didn’t have such large fingers, I would have a whole new wardrobe of rings.  Once the adhesive has cured, I’ll see if I can adjust the size enough to squeeze one on and give it a test wearing.

Last year I did a project using buttons on cards.  My Day 11 project was not quick or easy, but it was pretty awesome: a Miniature Paper Dress.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


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14 responses to “Day 11: Button Rings

  1. I have all my grandmother’s buttons . . . must try this!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Dianne. These are brilliant. I have bought rings like this in the past. Not as nice as yours that have cost a fortune. Well not a fortune but you know what I mean 🙂 I am going to track down some ring blanks and have a go. TFS.
    Regards Florence x

    • I saw ring blanks at Michael’s but mine were purchase online which means you don’t even have to leave home. Please show me a picture if you make one. Statement rings – they’re trendy!

  3. Leah

    I may have impulse bought 40 ring blanks on etsy for $15 last night. Maybe. =)

    • I hope so! Think of the totally fabulous statement rings you will be making. All the better if you actually have a size finger that can wear daintier sizes that mine. We should meet up so I can share some nice buttons with you.

      • Leah

        I can’t wait to get them! I will become a ring-making machine. I love wearing a big statement ring on my left hand where it doesn’t get in the way. I’d love to swap buttons some time!

      • I’m wearing the one with the turquoise button today and it looks great. Rem and I have discussed a Bakeshop Betty’s foray so let’s see if we can schedule that at a time when you are available!

      • P.S. Keep the window open when you use E6000 adhesive so you don’t go loopy on the fumes.

  4. thebeadden

    Guess what I will be making soon! 😉 Thanks! Can’t wait to try it.

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